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The Wakedead Gathering / Ecferus - Split (I, Voidhanger)

The Wakedead Gathering / Ecferus – Split (I, Voidhanger)

A relatively short release, this, being as it is a four track EP coming from those lovers of all things eclectic, I, Voidhanger records. In fairness, both acts are one-man outfits. Featured here is the dark and wilfully obscure death metal of Ohio’s Wakedead Gathering,.. Read More
Into Coffin - The Majestic Supremacy Of Cosmic Chaos (Terror From Hell)

Into Coffin – The Majestic Supremacy Of Cosmic Chaos (Terror From Hell)

This two track, twenty eight minute MCD is my second meeting with the curiously monikered Into Coffin. The title says it all really as far as themes go; we’re in the world of Azathoth and its ilk, Lovecraft’s nuclear cosmic insanity and the roiling chaos.. Read More
NonserviaM – Archetype Obscure (Slaughterhouse Records)

NonserviaM – Archetype Obscure (Slaughterhouse Records)

Having witnessed at close hand a small part of the Malaysian metal scene recently, it was plain to see that bands and compositions over there are collaborative efforts rather than being the sole inspiration of one dominant individual. One of the founder members of NonserviaM,.. Read More
Slowrun – Passage (S/R)

Slowrun – Passage (S/R)

Subtle flavours are what I experienced on Slowrun’s albums “Prologue” and “Resonance”. Now, two years on, the Finnish instrumental band has released this EP in which to weave their ambient magic. The first of the two tracks takes us immediately into a dreamworld, almost akin.. Read More
Code – Under the Subgleam (Apocalyptic Witchcraft)

Code – Under the Subgleam (Apocalyptic Witchcraft)

Not much to go on here as this EP lasts only 12 minutes, but the band themselves are well established with four albums. I was particularly impressed with “Lost Signal”, an EP released at the beginning of this year, which I described then as “an.. Read More
Kapala - Infest Cesspool (Dunkelheit)

Kapala – Infest Cesspool (Dunkelheit)

Kapala (a Sanskrit word meaning skull I gather) are from India. Well this lot are, as I discovered two other bands sharing this name. The idea of fans of either of those other two bands accidentally downloading this amuses the fuck out of me, particularly.. Read More
Perturbator – New Model (Blood Music)

Perturbator – New Model (Blood Music)

I, probably like many other metal heads in the world, got into Perturbator aka James Kent, via the “Dangerous Days” album released in 2014 which for me was a chance listen when browsing the Blood Music bandcamp pages just sampling what the label had to.. Read More
The Kahless Clone - Our Never-Ending Loneliness (S/R)

The Kahless Clone – Our Never-Ending Loneliness (S/R)

For some reason the last couple of November’s Doom albums didn’t seem to hit our radar, shame as I have always quite liked the band ‘The Pale Haunt Departure’ 2005 being a particular favourite. The reason I am mentioning this is that guitarist Vito Marchese.. Read More
Kroh - Pyres (Devizes Records)

Kroh – Pyres (Devizes Records)

This short, but sweet EP from Birmingham-based doom crew Kroh follows swiftly on from last year’s debut album ‘Altars’, and aims to inject some pop sensibility into the sludgy gloom. Although the chief mindset of the release (…what would Mayhem’s ‘De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas’ sound.. Read More
Atorc - Seven Tales Of Swords And Ale (S/R)

Atorc – Seven Tales Of Swords And Ale (S/R)

My Warhorns connection continues it seems. Typically though I missed Atorc when they played last year, and though they didn’t play this year I’m sure I spotted one of them. Wrong way round as usual. Anyway as the title of this suggests they are folk.. Read More
Antzaat - The Black Hand Of The Father (Immortal Frost)

Antzaat – The Black Hand Of The Father (Immortal Frost)

Antzaat are something of an Enigma with limited information available about them giving an air of mystery, further compounded by their promo photos with hoods up and faces obscured. However, what I do know is that this Belgian quartet have delivered a stunning debut EP.. Read More
Jarboe & Father Murphy – EP (ConSouling Sounds)

Jarboe & Father Murphy – EP (ConSouling Sounds)

Bonded by a sense of guilt, rooted in their respective Catholic upbringings, a creative collaboration between American artist and performer Jarboe and Italian occult duo Father Murphy seems only natural. Approaching the EP, both Jarboe and Father Murphy each wrote a song, which they exchanged.. Read More