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Taake / Deathcult – Jaertegn (Edged Circle)

Having made a Pakt with Whoredom Rife recently now it is time for a Portent with Deathcult. The modus-operandi of this split release is the same, two tracks each including a cover song. Released on special 10-inch vinyl and I… Continue Reading →

Svard – The Rift (Argonauta Records)

Svard is a project new to this locked down world. The band consists of Tim Nedergard and Bjorn Petterson from Sweden’s proggy deathsters In Mourning who offer guitars and vocals. They recruited ex bandmate and bassist Pierre Stam and reached… Continue Reading →

Dauþuz – Grubenfall 1727 (Amor Fati Productions)

After three full length albums since their 2016 inception, this German duo appear to be taking a breather by only releasing an EP this year. Don’t be fooled though, the three tracks here clock in at nearly 35 minutes. Thematically, Dauþuz… Continue Reading →

The Joy Thieves – Genocidal Love Song (Armalyte Industries)

I almost gave this one a pass as it is the second release by The Joy Thieves in a very short time and just a 4 track EP. There’s only so much you can say about a band no matter… Continue Reading →

Fleshvessel – Bile Of Man Reborn (I, Voidhanger Records)

This release has already seen the light of day by the band in January of this year as a digital release but has been picked up by the Italian label for a limited CD run as far as I know…. Continue Reading →

Smiling Assassin – Plight Of The Millennial (Warren Records)

Keeping the flame of British hardcore punk alive, Yorkshire’s Smiling Assassin have virtually blasted out of the starting blocks. Having only formed in 2019, one might say they’ve been born in troublesome times so are well placed to spew forth… Continue Reading →

Mordred – Volition (Independent)

I’m actually surprised I was never more of a Mordred fan in my youth. It probably has more to do with only ever seeing their albums once or twice in ZA and never getting a chance to actively listening to… Continue Reading →

Necrochaos – Crawling Through Cadavers (Godz Ov War)

Originally released in October 2019 this worthy demo has been quickly picked up by the Polish label for a physical release. At the helm of this project is multi-instrumentalist Eugene Kohl from Germany who has many other projects under his… Continue Reading →

Goat Monsoon – Alpha Kings (S/R)

Goat Monsoon have been kicking about since 2012 and have created enough interest to earn themselves a slot at Bloodstock 2019. They’ve also done gigs with underground riff merchants Slabdragger and British legends, Orange Goblin. Their recorded output is pretty… Continue Reading →

Summon – Helios (Godz ov War)

Portuguese band Summon promise us “unrivalled barbarism, wickedness and ferocity” with this EP. This is the third work from the Portuguese death-black metal band, following another EP in 2017, and an album “Parazv Il Zillitv” in 2018. Deep echoing sounds,… Continue Reading →

Neumatic Parlo – All Purpose Slicer (Unique Records)

Looking at the name of band and EP title here had me hoping for some nice vicious grindcore but the German group are alas far from that. What they play is described as “modern Psychedelic, Garage, and Alternativ Rock” and… Continue Reading →

Āter – Vullighied (Sliptrick Records)

One for the specialist here: the lyrics of this EP from a very old Belgian black metal band Āter are written in a thousand-year old dialect. When I received this work, it came with a lucid explanation of the tracks,… Continue Reading →

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