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Me And That Man – Songs Of Love And Death (Cooking Vinyl)

Here’s a thing and a half. I mean the name of the group is only a little curious whereas the album title is a bit underwhelming and maybe the third or fourth one in my collection with that exact title…. Continue Reading →

Bloodstock Open Air 2015 – Catton Hall Derbyshire Part 1

Bloodstock has become a regular fixture in my gig calendar since I first went there in 2011 given it was cheaper than most of the other English Festivals, It wasn’t in France and unlike Wacken, which turned ridiculous with the… Continue Reading →

Napalm Death – Apex Predator – Easy Meat (Century Media)

There are some that think Napalm should’ve knocked it on the head back in 1989 after the ‘Mentally Murdered’ EP. That Napalm Death is now a covers band & that anything from ‘Harmony Corruption’ onwards is shit. These people (thankfully… Continue Reading →

Interview – Deep Machine

Deep Machine are a highly entertaining live band, having formed back in 1979, they reactivated themselves about 5 years ago. Since then, these London NWOBHM troopers have had early recordings re-released, had a new EP release, but it has taken… Continue Reading →

Tortorum – Katabasis (W.T.C.)

Consisting of members with three different nationalities, Tortorum proves one thing: that for all its negativity and anti-humanism, the sound of True Norwegian Black Metal can be a unifying force. Barghest (England) and Skyggen (Poland) – creators of this Bergen-based… Continue Reading →

Solstice – Death’s Crown Is Victory (Invictus)

Well this promo turning up was a pleasant surprise. Those of you who bothered to read my End Of Year thing for 2013 would have noticed I have already praised this as it was available as a download from the… Continue Reading →

Legend – Spirit (Ravenheart)

If you’re a prog rock fan and you’ve never heard about Legend, it might be somewhat understandable, since their name isn’t referred that often over rock’s most reputed and trustworthy news sources. However, if you consider yourself to be an avid… Continue Reading →

Wretched Soul –Veronica (Dark Lord Records)

Wretched Soul from Kent launched this album at a recent show where they supported Mercenary and Omnium Gatherum. I was there, and was struck by the vigour and vivacity of their performance. The energy outweighed the cohesion of the music,… Continue Reading →

Grave Miasma – Odori Sepulcrorum (Sepulchral Voice)

It’s still surprising to me that this is Grave Miasma’s debut full length album, seeing as I (like many others) was completely imbued with the sickness of their two EPs which preceded this. Originally forming under the name Goat Molestör… Continue Reading →

Eibon La Furies – The Immoral Compass (Code 666)

I have been following the work of Eibon La Furies pretty much since they were conceived on a dark eldritch night back in Lincolnshire in 2005. They are one of those bands with a profound English eccentricity about them musically… Continue Reading →

King Bathmat – Overcoming the Monster (Stereohead Records)

In the world of psychedelic and imaginative progressive rock, King Bathmat reigns supreme. That was the conclusion I reached after listening to “Truth Button”. Now, 6 months later, this English quartet is back with “Overcoming the Monster”. The monster, to… Continue Reading →

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