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Thanatos – Violent Death Rituals (Listenable)

In the midst of recent times has there ever been a more apt soundtrack than Death Metal? The whole world appears plunged into perhaps the closest thing to a zombie apocalypse this earth is ever likely to see. Although truth… Continue Reading →

Aerodyne – Damnation (Rock Of Angels Records)

Do you like Turbo era Judas Priest? I do. DO you like Maiden’s Fear of the Dark? I do. Do you like Enforcer? I do! It appears that Aerodyne from Gothenburg share the sentiment.  From the moment I spied the old… Continue Reading →

Sins Of The Damned – Striking The Bell Of Death (Shadow Kingdom)

Sins Of The Damned from Santiago, Chile, are a speed metal band, teetering on thrash formed just five years ago. After three demos and a split, this is their debut and on Shadow Kingdom Records no less, a label who… Continue Reading →

Enforcer – Zenith (Nuclear Blast)

Sweden’s Enforcer, I can’t believe it has been 4 years since their last one ‘From Beyond’ of which I thought was a world dominating effort. So when this album landed, there’s an easy choice for me. But wait a minute;… Continue Reading →

Hell Fire – Mania (RidingEasy Records)

On the cusp of a new Formula 1 season, this avid follower of the motorsports spectacle might have been sympathetic to a band whose sophomore release (2017s “Free Again”) paid tribute to the late great Ayrton Senna. However, when said… Continue Reading →

Evil-Lÿn – Disciple of Steel (No Remorse)

Tampere, Finland is a talented place, many bands I know come from there and Evil-Lÿn are another one. A traditional heavy metal act formed 11 years ago, with a debut EP behind them in 2012. If you like Enforcer, Chastain,… Continue Reading →

Sacred Leather – Ultimate Force (Cruz Del Sur)

It’s that time again travellers. Back to the future we go. Sacred Leather. Ultimate Force.  Tonight we’re gonna party like its 1983! Lifting the curtain of mystique for just a second this is Dustin Boltjes of Skeletonwitch’s chance to step from… Continue Reading →

Dynamite – Big Bang (Dynamite Productions)

Who likes AC/DC? Thought so. Pretty much all of you had a hand up then didn’t you? ….apart from that weird lad at the back with the skin tight “factory ripped” black jeans, lumberjack shirt, complicated hair and cultured beard…..fuck… Continue Reading →

Lethal Steel – Legion of the Night (High Roller)

Lethal Steel are at once both a frustrating and irritating band – frustrating in that they have most of the trappings in place to deliver something truly fist-raising and irritating in that a couple of key ingredients missing from ‘Legion… Continue Reading →

Black Trip – Shadowline (SPV)

Black Trip were somewhat an underground find prior to their last full length studio release (‘Goin’ Under’), ‘Shadowline’ quoting the press release takes the band forward with a more personal but firmly rooted dark heavy metal rock. The immediate comparison… Continue Reading →

Interview – Evil Invaders

Back in February I was lucky enough to get a listen to “Pulses of Pleasure” by the highly promising and fast rising Belgian metal outfit, Evil Invaders. The young band clearly have an old head on their shoulders as everything… Continue Reading →

Enforcer – From Beyond (Nuclear Blast)

Safe in the knowledge that Enforcer are a kick ass band and the quality of their releases seems to get better with each one recorded, I had very high hopes for their fourth effort ‘From Beyond’. It’s even better than… Continue Reading →

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