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Dysangelium – Death Leading (W.T.C.)

Dysangelium have hacked themselves quite a reputation despite only having one long player – Thánatos Áskçsis if you need reminding – and a couple of demos before that. Perhaps proving that its worth bottling yourself up and waiting for the… Continue Reading →

Total Hate – Throne Behind a Black Veil (Eisenwald)

Powerful and authoritative from the opening chords, Total Hate set the precedent from the offset. The vocals on ‘Psychopath’ are dominant and potent and work together with Aer and Erebos on the guitars, with Serrator creating the formidable and controlling… Continue Reading →

Misanthropic Existence – Death Shall Be Served (Aesthetic Death)

I understand that this album is a re-release on the basis that the original had limited exposure, as is the way when bands on a limited budget can only do so much. Now released through the Aesthetic Death label and… Continue Reading →

Shroud of Satan – Of Evil Descent (Sol Records)

It’s been a good couple of years since ‘At the Behest of Time’, but Shroud of Satan’s orthodox manifesto remains the same. The German bands 2nd full-length album ‘Of Evil Descent’ proudly states… “Our cult and identity cannot be acquired…. Continue Reading →

Azziard – Metempsychose (Malpermesita Records)

Pulling this CD out of its wrapping I remembered the band name and that this deathly black troop from France had struck me as slightly bonkers on last album ‘Vesanie’ in 2014. At the time they had been in the… Continue Reading →

Minas Morgul – Kult (Trollzorn)

German black metal tends to conjure up the same common denominators in the form of Endstille, Darkened Nocturn Slaughtercult, Nargaroth and Black Messiah et al, but there is a new addition to add to this commonly perceived saturated genre, and… Continue Reading →

Persecutory – Towards the Ultimate Extinction (Godz ov War)

The band name and album title give no doubt that this is a blackened death death work. The band in question is from Turkey and this is their first full album release following an EP “Perversion Feeds Our Force” in… Continue Reading →

Shroud of Satan – At the Behest of Time (Sol Records)

Quite a statement of intent on this, Shroud of Satan’s debut full-length album. The German band’s inlay proudly proclaims the following… “Shroud of Satan considers Black Metal as a cult to be preserved and honoured. We refuse to accept any… Continue Reading →

Sekoria – Im Reich der Schatten (Kernkraftritter Records)

“Im Reich der Schatten” (In the Kingdom of Shadows) is Sekora’s second album. A weighty intro “Einbruch der Dunkelheit” (Nightfall) suggests a symphonic experience, and there is that, but a slightly unsatisfactory downturn takes us into the realms of melodic… Continue Reading →

Division Speed – S/T (High Roller)

“Don’t mention the war. I did it a minute ago but I think I got away with it!”. Thus spake the Cleese Spirit down Torquay way. These days there are quite a few willing to get all “World at War”… Continue Reading →

Dark Managarm – 2005/2015 A Decade of Terroreign (Mortis Humanae Productions)

One no doubt unintended outcome of this work is that if you show photos of people in corpse-paint over a ten year period, there’s no ageing process. So before I started to listen to this French band’s historical collection, I… Continue Reading →

Neptrecus – Frères de Sang (Mortis Humanae Productions)

Black metal de France and this has more than a whiff of the eau de war about it as illustrated on the grim grey artwork and the opening sounds of gunfire and marching boots. Neptrecus debut album ‘L’Aube De Declin’… Continue Reading →

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