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Vargrav - Netherstorm (Werewolf Records)

Vargrav – Netherstorm (Werewolf Records)

Always a bit of a sucker for symphonic black metal, I was pleased to have the opportunity to sample this album from Finland’s Vargrav, the project of V-Khaoz, the former drummer of the atmospheric black metal band Kalmankantaja. This “act of black arts”, we are.. Read More
Iku Turso - The Great Tower (Wolfspell)

Iku Turso – The Great Tower (Wolfspell)

I do like a band who do exactly what it says on the tin. “Smell of black metal 90-95” goes the instruction on Iku Turso’s debut and there it is in all its pungent glory. Seriously. This is an international four piece with feet in.. Read More
Enslaved - E (Nuclear Blast)

Enslaved – E (Nuclear Blast)

With a discography to die for, our favourite black metal innovators, Enslaved, are back and they have something new hiding up their wizard sleeves. Here, on their fourteenth long-player, they exercise their love for the Norse god of War, Odin, and they sem hell-bent on.. Read More
Leprous - Malina (Inside Out Music)

Leprous – Malina (Inside Out Music)

Watching Leprous is a highly visual experience – sharp movements, strong colours a heavily orchestrated, almost military in delivery. The music has always been at the original end of the progressive metal spectrum, and has become more knife-sharp in line with live performance. After the.. Read More
Ars Magna Umbrae – Through Lunar Gateways (Hellthrasher)

Ars Magna Umbrae – Through Lunar Gateways (Hellthrasher)

Ready for a “manifestation of the Chthonic forces of Death and a sonic portal to the Nightside?” Well just as well as that is exactly what we have here courtesy of Ars Magna Umbrae from Poland, the work of D.A Khthōn. It would appear from.. Read More
Prezir – Contempt (S/R)

Prezir – Contempt (S/R)

Prezir – Serbian for Contempt are a three piece from Milwaukee Wisconsin who worship at the black altar of Early 90’s extremity. They cite Emperor, Enslaved, Grand Belials Key and Deicide amongst their influences and seek to show contempt for modern metal. Hmmmm. It would.. Read More
Wintersun - The Forest Seasons (Nuclear Blast)

Wintersun – The Forest Seasons (Nuclear Blast)

Genre defying Metallers Wintersun are not a band to be rushed. With a gap of 8 years between their first and second albums, it’s with a hint of ironic surprise at the veritable speed of this their third album being unleashed after a mere 5.. Read More
Darkenhöld – Memoria Sylvarum (SR)

Darkenhöld – Memoria Sylvarum (SR)

It’s been 3 years since we last heard from French medievalist troupe Darkenhold and no doubt they have been holed up in their castle walls constructing their newest opus and fourth full length album. It’s immediately striking too when you are drawn to the fabulous.. Read More
Limbonic Art - Spectre Abysm (Candlelight)

Limbonic Art – Spectre Abysm (Candlelight)

Odd, but when I was given this to review I had to go away and check how many albums I have by Limbonic Art. Turns out I have the lot. Guess I must be a fan… Funny that. Anyway it’s been seven long years since.. Read More
Midnight Odyssey - Silhouettes Of Stars (I Voidhanger)

Midnight Odyssey – Silhouettes Of Stars (I Voidhanger)

I missed the 2015 Shards Of Silver Fate album by Midnight Odyssey, the cosmic/ambient black metal project that Australian auteur Dis Pater chooses to express himself through; a situation I am going to have to correct. You see just before this appeared on the review.. Read More
Dimmu Borgir - Forces of the Northern Night (Nuclear Blast)

Dimmu Borgir – Forces of the Northern Night (Nuclear Blast)

Norwegian black metal ensemble Dimmu Borgir were spawned 24 years ago in Oslo when the Norwegian black metal scene was arguably at its creative peak, not just with an explosion of bands and releases which are today revered as “classics” but also at the peak.. Read More
Nightbringer – Terra Damnata (Season of Mist)

Nightbringer – Terra Damnata (Season of Mist)

It’s time to get out your black, burning candelabras and best laying chickens ready to be slaughtered because ’tis the season of occult black metal and Nightbringer is back. With our very own Martin Harris quite rightly lauding the excellent Eleven Dragons by Acrimonious last.. Read More