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Serpent Noir – Death Clan OD (World Terror Committee)

An atmospheric guitar piece opens ‘Death Clan OD’ with ‘The Black Knighthood Of OD’ before Serpent Noir launch a full-on attack on the senses. ‘Cutting The Umbilical Cord Of Hel’ is a brutal affair and leads with battering fretwork and… Continue Reading →

Dysemblem – Strength Of Giants (S/R)

Worshipping the old ways and apparently having been in the metal scene for over 20 years Aees is originally from Greece but resides in London. Dysemblem may well be a new name for you, as it was for me and… Continue Reading →

Mephorash – 1557 – Rites Of Nullification (Odium)

So 1st thing I wondered here wanting to get a bit of historical background is what happened in 1557, leading to the album title? Hmm no real clues to enlightenment there, various fighting between countries, a new bible print, schools… Continue Reading →

War Possession – Through The Ages (Hellthrasher)

War Possession were created in 2008 by members of Embrace of Thorns and Wargoat, along with Merciless Crucifixion’s singer, Vaggelis P. They have already released a demo called, simply, ”War”. ”Through The Ages” came out this year, which is their… Continue Reading →

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