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Thief – Map of Lost Keys (Prophecy)

Dylan Neal’s other band, Botanist, might not be to everyone’s taste (hammered dulcimer black metal anyone?) but it certainly makes a change from listening to a very long line of black-metal-o-likes queuing up to deliver their take on something that… Continue Reading →

The Lion’s Daughter – Future Cult (Season Of Mist)

A couple of years have gone by since USA blackened sludgers The Lion’s Daughter told us that Existence Is Horror and proved that statement to a certain extent with some rather nasty music, now they are back. My biggest complaint… Continue Reading →

Al Ard – S/T (Code666)

Experimentation has been present in music since its inception, it helps genres to grow, develop, change and evolve over the course of time for better or for worse. Metal has an ability to soak up history’s musical evolution and vomit… Continue Reading →

Perturbator – New Model (Blood Music)

I, probably like many other metal heads in the world, got into Perturbator aka James Kent, via the “Dangerous Days” album released in 2014 which for me was a chance listen when browsing the Blood Music bandcamp pages just sampling… Continue Reading →

Netra – Ingrats (Hypnotic Dirge Records)

One of the most innovative albums I have ever heard was Netra’s “Sørbyen” (2012), a bleak and atmospheric album with the unusual and effective inclusion of trip-hop. The urban street feel of that album features on the artwork of this… Continue Reading →

Ulver – The Assassination of Julius Caesar (House of Mythology)

When it comes to the art of music, Ulver are a law unto themselves. Having been around for almost 25 years, the Norwegian progressive post-black metal experimentalist outfit now possess a status which makes every release they put out feel… Continue Reading →

Nadja – Sv (Essence Music)

Drone, at its most monotone, can drive some wild. It is a beast that dwells beyond the reach of most, existing in a parallel universe to the dark fury of the majority of heavy metal acts; light years from the… Continue Reading →

Locrian – Infinite Dissolution (Relapse)

A record that earmark’s Locrian’s shift away from their early days of slow, ambient noise and drone, ‘Infinite Dissolution’ is arguably the Chicago/Baltimore trio’s most accessible work to date; not so much a progression or change in sound, but an… Continue Reading →

Prude – The Dark Age of Consent (Metropolis)

The often used quote “In the future everyone will be world-famous for 15 minutes” is attributed to the bad boy of Pop-Art, Andy Warhol, the man whose Factory bought the world Day-Glo reproductions of soup tins and Marilyn Monroe, as… Continue Reading →

Lethe – When Dreams Become Nightmares (Debemur Morti)

If you’re looking for seamless meeting of metal and electronica that’s just as suited to a Sunday morning as a Friday night, you may have just stumbled into the right place. When Dreams Become Nightmares is the band’s first platter… Continue Reading →

Suicide Commando – When Evil Speaks (Out Of Line)

Bridging the gap between the electronica and industrial genres is where we find the aggrotech bands. For those of you not already familiar with the term, aggrotech is very basically a harsh form of electronica with a dark and oppressive… Continue Reading →

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