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Down to the Heaven – [ level -1 ] (Heavison)

This is the Polish outfit’s début album after having been around for 4 years and with the current line-up for two. Hailing from Bielsko-Biała the 6 piece describe themselves as Djent/Metalcore/Electro, which is about as apt a description as you’re… Continue Reading →

The Body & Uniform – Mental Wounds Not Healing (Sacred Bones)

It’s been less than a month since the release of The Body’s ‘I Have Fought Against It, But I Can’t Any Longer’ and the Rhode Island duo are back again, this time for a collaborative release with electro punk pairing… Continue Reading →

Gothminister – The Other Side (AFM)

The term “gothic” seems to have a particular meaning in Germany. My experience of rummaging around record stores there is that everything, including Opeth, counts as gothic. From the self-explanatory “Gothic Electronic Anthems” (2003) onwards, Gothminister have been pumping out… Continue Reading →

Nick Noro – Vietnamm (NBRD / Merdumgiriz Records)

Apparently Californian Noro has been in a thrash metal group called Survival as well as Static Thought who played here at Reading and Leeds Festival (which means we probably wouldn’t have liked em). Listening to tracks from his solo material… Continue Reading →

Mortiis- The Great Deceiver (Omnipresence)

Old pointy nose is back! Mortiis and friends return after a 5 year hiatus and he has even released a statement that the goblin mask is coming out of mothballs.  Good because this glorious electro industrial pop metal record deserves… Continue Reading →

The Birthday Massacre – Superstition (Metropolis)

As it is literally chucking it down out the skies and I have been contemplating going out in it but feel somewhat trapped like one of the children in The Cat In The Hat, I felt the time is right… Continue Reading →

Deathstars – The Perfect Cult (Nuclear Blast)

  After the disappointingly familiar Night Electric Night (2009) the Deathstars took a break to revisit the drawing board and after a five year hiatus present us with their fourth album ‘The Perfect Cult’. After a short eerie build up,… Continue Reading →

Hounds – Begin Transmission 2 (S/R)

I caught Hounds opening for Killing Joke back in March 2013 and found their somewhat brash and pumping electro beats suitable entertainment before the main event. This EP turned up complete with a Killing Joke cover and a 3 disc… Continue Reading →

Oestre – La Dernière Renaissance (Manitou Music)

Reinvented electronic metal is the description I read about the music of this band from France. Essentially this is lively modern metal with tributes paid to Meshuggah, Textures and unsurprisingly Oestre’s compatriots Gojira and Hacride. Industrial noises, thunderous roars and… Continue Reading →

SlavEATgoD – The Skyline Fission (No Regrets Records)

An interesting intro to the second album release from this Athens-based band gives a suggestion of something djenty-progressive with electro touches. Such intros can be indicative of what follows or meaningless. Here it’s indicative, at least for the following two… Continue Reading →

Crematory – Shadowmaker (SPV)

There’s something simplistic about Crematory’s music. I guess the fact that their music is so approachable is why they’ve released ten albums, can call themselves “Germany’s leading gothic metal band” and why “Revolution” (2004) is a favourite in my collection…. Continue Reading →

Kirlian Camera – Black Summer Choirs (Out of Line)

Some bands run out of creative steam after a period of time. This isn’t the case with Kirlian Camera who have been developing their ideas over 33 years and through umpteen albums. I often receive albums which are described as… Continue Reading →

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