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Windhand / Satan's Satyrs – Split (Relapse Records)

Windhand / Satan’s Satyrs – Split (Relapse Records)

In 2017 I was fortunate enough to see Windhand and Satan’s Satyrs play a rather excellent show at The Audio, Glasgow, where each act was clearly at the top of their game, opener’s Satan’s Satyrs being imbued with a new energy and fire as a.. Read More
Doomster Reich – Drug Magick  (Aesthetic Death)

Doomster Reich – Drug Magick (Aesthetic Death)

After telling the esteemed editor of this site that I had tickets for Yes and Jethro Tull for their respective 2018 50th anniversary tours, for some reason I got a bit of a deluge of Prog to start my review duties for the year. However,.. Read More
Greyfell - Horsepower (Argonauta Records)

Greyfell – Horsepower (Argonauta Records)

Greyfell is a relatively new band from Rouen (France), who released their first album, “I Got the Silver” in 2015. I have to admit that I missed that release, so I’m happy to get a new chance with the second one, which is called “Horsepower”... Read More
Interview- Clouds Taste Satanic

Interview- Clouds Taste Satanic

If any readers have had the misfortune to read my reviews on a regular basis, you may have noticed that for the last few years I’ve been lucky enough to be chosen to review the music of Brooklyn’s instrumental self-described “Satanic Stoner Demonic Doom” act.. Read More
Dead Woman’s Ditch – Seo Mere Saetan (Third I Rex)

Dead Woman’s Ditch – Seo Mere Saetan (Third I Rex)

When I first saw the moniker of this band my heart sank. “Another example of violent misogyny in the world of extreme music “ Ironic as I was wearing a Lunatic Hooker tee at the time. I could not be more wrong and this 6.. Read More
Monolord – Rust  (Riding Easy Records)

Monolord – Rust (Riding Easy Records)

It’s impossible to keep up with all the bands coming out of Sweden, let alone across the world, with new music being sent in as well as regular shopping trips, but even I was surprised I’d not come across Monolord before. It may well be.. Read More
With The Dead - Love From With the Dead (Rise Above)

With The Dead – Love From With the Dead (Rise Above)

With The Dead’s self titled debut in 2015 was greeted with much acclaim. Having been the culmination of efforts from ex-Cathedral front man Lee Dorrian and former Electric Wizard members Tim Bagshaw and Mark Greening, the album was a lesson in crusty doom. Now the.. Read More
Caronte - Yoni (Van)

Caronte – Yoni (Van)

These Italian stoner doomsters are a terrific band in my opinion, it’s still hard to obtain all of their releases I must say though. For this latest offering, ‘Yoni’ they continue on their tripped out journey through Reverend Bizarre territory whilst taking a break through.. Read More
Poseidon – Prologue  (Ripple Music)

Poseidon – Prologue (Ripple Music)

If you’re not yet familiar with Poseidon, then I think it is time you changed that, and ‘Prologue’ may well be the album to help you. Developing from the single track ‘Omega’ that was released over a year ago, the band have clearly been away,.. Read More
Lâmina – Lilith (Raging Planet)

Lâmina – Lilith (Raging Planet)

Some debut albums are by simple virtue of being the first release by the band tentative, formative, maybe a little unsure. That cannot be said in any way of ‘Lilith’ by Portugal’s Lâmina. Points were instantly won when I opened the strangely shaped envelope that.. Read More
Heavy Temple – Chassit (Van Records)

Heavy Temple – Chassit (Van Records)

There’s so much good music in the world, gems hidden in a sea of the bland and the bilious, and too little time to go looking for it (“first world problem”, as I believe the youngsters like to say.), which is why this reviewing lark.. Read More
Ex People – Bird  (New Heavy Sounds)

Ex People – Bird (New Heavy Sounds)

It’s always good to hear new music, and equally good to hear a band that is a bit different and willing to walk their own path, something that Ex People are happy to do with their first full length release ‘Bird’. The LP starts of.. Read More