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Mayhem, Gaahl’s Wyrd & GosT – London Electric Ballroom 4/11/19

You have to wonder if we would have been here if history had been different, if Varg had not killed Euronymous and Necrobutcher had instead (he was going to you know)? Here we are though, just after the release of… Continue Reading →

Amorphis, Soilwork & Nailed To Obscurity – London Electric Ballroom 4/2/19

Tonight’s bill has been a while coming with the bands extensive tour cycle taking in the USA towards the end of last year and charging through Europe with many shows selling out this year. It’s already busy at early doors… Continue Reading →

Exodus, Sodom, Death Angel – London Electric Ballroom 6/12/18

I’m kinda annoyed that I missed Suicidal Angels, as I was looking forward to getting to see them. Granted I only have ‘Bloodbath’, so their set would have been mostly unfamiliar material, but from the roar of approval they got… Continue Reading →

Mayhem, Dragged Into Sunlight & Inconcessus Lux Lucis – London Electric Ballroom 29/3/17

There’s lots of black clad figures stomping around Camden, some sporting corpse-paint and frightening the tourists and foreign students. All are congregating for a show of legendary proportions and it’s not Enuff Z’Nuff round the corner at the Underworld. First… Continue Reading →

Obituary, Exodus, Prong – London Electric Ballroom 25/10/16

Unfortunately owing to a biker down on the M40 & idiots insisting on rubbernecking I missed King Parrot completely, but am reliably informed they put on a great show & impressed many this night. Next up on the bill were… Continue Reading →

Obituary, M:Pire of Evil, Dust Bolt & Rotting Repugnancy – London Electric Ballroom 1/2/2015

A pinch and a punch for the first of the month is more than likely to occur tonight, as the pits and aggression expected from a death metal entity such as Obituary is a force not to be reckoned with… Continue Reading →

Watain & Coltsblood – London Electric Ballroom 8/12/13

There are plenty of black metal acts coming to town at the moment to keep us aurally terrorized but Watain are well renowned for attacking other senses too being the most stinky band on the planet. However we could breathe… Continue Reading →

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