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Ektomorf – Fury (AFM)

While having formed 25 years ago, I’m only familiar with Ektomorf’s last 15 years of work and must admit that it has been rather consistent and I doubt those early observations shall be going away any time soon. But hey-ho,… Continue Reading →

Ektomorf – Aggressor (AFM)

It’s been a couple years since I reviewed Ektomorf and it would appear that I missed the album they released last year, but never mind, this more than makes up my dose of Hungarian metal. Well… I say Hungarian metal,… Continue Reading →

Korzus – Legion (AFM)

Let me ask a question…. Do you like thrash metal? I mean proper thrash metal, the stuff that makes you want to bounce round the room like a ferret on speed breaking stuff and jumping off cupboards. Not the pansy… Continue Reading →

Yugal – Enter The Madness (S/R)

Prepare to enter the madness of Yugal, it will twist your mind, bend your consciousness and steal your soul. Sounds like some sort of whacked out B-Movie but no, Yugal are a French band who are releasing their second EP… Continue Reading →

Ektomorf – The Acoustic

Artist: Ektomorf Title: The Acoustic Type: Album Label: AFM Records Having reviewed their first couple of Nuclear Blast offerings, I wasn’t too certain if this album was going to work, but I’m glad to say that it actually does. Now… Continue Reading →

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