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Midgardsblot Metal Festival – Borre, Vestfold, Norway 17/8/19

Day 3  Saturday I already knew that the weather forecast was going to be dodgy as a storm had passed over the region during the night (I slept through it I might add) and left its raging remnants for me… Continue Reading →

Einherjer – Norrøne Spor (Indie)

Every student of Viking lore and heavy metal (and they are surely one and the same thing) should be by now be aware of the Einherjer – the myth and the band. The name for the legendary fallen warriors chosen… Continue Reading →

King of Asgard – :TAUDR: (Trollmusic)

Mjolby’s (Sweden) very own “King of Asgard” finally return, following their last album, 2014’s “Karg”. I was an admirer of their first couple of albums, but with “Karg”, I found that somehow the music wasn’t “clicking” with me as much… Continue Reading →

Horn – Turm am Hang (Iron Bonehead)

Horn’s back catalogue is now fairly extensive and has repeatedly shown more than a passing interest in keeping out of step with the rest of the folk black metal brigade. This time round he’s shifted yet again. Whereas previous albums… Continue Reading →

Evig Natt – S/T (S/R)

Well it seems like an ‘Eternal Night’ since we last heard from Norwegian band Evig Natt via their second album ‘Darkland’ back in 2010. Now they are back with self-released and self-titled album number three. Despite having a beauty and… Continue Reading →

Manegarm – S/T (Napalm)

I’m not quite sure why eight albums into their career a band would simply self-title their album. It strikes as a statement that they are completely re-inventing themselves or are just plain lazy really and there’s no real hint of… Continue Reading →

Blot – Ilddyrking (S/R)

Sometimes the simple names are the best but no, a closer look unveils that Blot is actually Sacrifice in olde heathen Scandinavian. Considering this and the fact that the cover of this Norwegian outfit’s debut has a long-ship on it… Continue Reading →

Einherjer – Av Oss, For Oss (Indie)

Einherjer is back with another round of epic, adrenaline-fuelled battle chants and out to prove, yet again, that it’s still got what it takes to be among the vanguard of pagan metal bands. As with all good bands, Einherjer has… Continue Reading →

Einherjer Interview

I was rather taken with the aggressive and confident return to the fray that the Viking Metal comrades Einherjer created recently with ‘Norron’ and so when I got the chance to ask them a little about the whys and the… Continue Reading →

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