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Crescent – The Order Of Amenti (Listenable)

Formed in 1998, originally as a black metal band, Crescent are one of the oldest extreme metal bands hailing from the country which inspired the technically gifted, but boring as fuck American death metal band Nile. Being the only Egyptian… Continue Reading →

Scarab – Serpents Of The Nile (ViciSolum)

I caught Scarab playing the Sophie stage at Bloodstock Open Air Festival in 2013 and they were one of the unknown bands to me that definitely turned out as one of the big surprises of the festival. They were like… Continue Reading →

Melechesh – Enki (Nuclear Blast)

It’s something of an understatement so say that this album has been highly anticipated – by me and a growing band of Melechesh acolytes. No band to my knowledge has quite managed to engineer the combination of eastern scales with… Continue Reading →

Hateful Desolation – Withering In Dust (Adimere Records)

This demo sees a meeting of minds from Italy and Egypt with Gray Ravenmoon providing the hateful vocal parts from the former and Void the desolate instrumental sections from the latter. Although only essentially two tracks there’s quite a lot… Continue Reading →

Sand Aura – Elegy of the Orient (Haarbn Productions)

Here’s a first. I can’t remember ever reviewing anything from Egypt before. I now know that the coolly named Sand Aura have been around since 2007, this is their first album release and they play progressive metal. Without question this… Continue Reading →

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