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Majestica – Above The Sky (Nuclear Blast)

A Symphonic Power Metal band…from Sweden…on Nuclear Blast…called Majestica? And right now the readership has split straight into two camps – the first who read that and went “Oh bloody hell, I know exactly what THAT will be like” and… Continue Reading →

Bloodbound – Rise Of The Dragon Empire (AFM)

It’s simple really. Do you like Melodic Power Metal? Do you like that Melodic Power Metal to have bombastic Symphonic arrangements? And big, memorable choruses? Do you…like Dragons…? Do you? Do you really? Then you will love Bloodbound! Previous album… Continue Reading →

Iron Fire – Beyond The Void (Crime Records)

Danish Power Metallers Iron Fire present their ninth album “Beyond The Void”. Anyone who has heard the band (whether a fan or not) at any point in their nearly 20 year career will know that you can dip into any… Continue Reading →

Avantasia – Moonglow (Nuclear Blast)

I’ve always thought of Avantasia as Edguy’s more mature, more refined sibling. Even though Edguy is the older of the two, Edguy still likes to go out and party whereas Avantasia is more likely to have friends around for dinner…. Continue Reading →

The Unity – Rise (SPV)

It’s not the fault of the band in any way, but initially I felt a little misled by The Unity. The record/promotion company are really pushing the ‘two members of Gamma Ray’ angle, calling the band Power Metal and putting… Continue Reading →

Alpha Tiger – ST (SPV)

I had the pleasure of reviewing Alpha Tiger’s third album “iDentity” back at the end of 2014, but I felt sure with a gap this long from such an active, driven band that somehow I must have missed the next… Continue Reading →

Them – Fear Them (Empire Records)

Them are somewhat of a supergroup of sorts which draws from a wide variety of styles, namely occult, horror, traditional heavy metal and theatrical delivery. In short, you could say it is King Diamond and Mercyful Fate thrown in a… Continue Reading →

Avantasia –Ghostlights (Nuclear Blast)

It’s the next installment of Tobias Sammet’s Avantasia folks, so expect lots of symphonic epic songs performed by top notch guest vocalists and teeth-out-jaws-locked-won’t-let-go melody lines. It’s Avantasia, yes, yes, you know what to expect…but let’s face it the interest… Continue Reading →

Czech Metal Fest – Plzen, Amfitéatr Lochotin 6th June 2015

Day 2 Underestimating the time taken to get to the amphitheatre arena meant only catching Czech band Stroy’s last song though we could hear them whilst walking down the hill to the festival in baking sunshine. Distinctly modern in flavour… Continue Reading →

Alpha Tiger – iDentity (SPV)

Raise those horns everyone – and let me see those fists in the air! Oh Yes – The third album from German Metallers Alpha Tiger has arrived…and it’s a full-on Metal-fest! OK, I know the other two were hardly jazz-rock,… Continue Reading →

Wisdom – Judas (Noiseart Records)

Hungarian power metallers Wisdom released “Judas” in mid 2011 through Soundholic but it has been picked up by Noiseart for another release in late August, which I found strange. Questioning a power metal mate about the band, he was familiar… Continue Reading →

I Am I – Event Horizon (Self Released)

 ZP Theart has taken a brave move by leaving power metal virtuosos Dragonforce to go it alone and caused by the clichéd musical differences rationale. The danger with prominent vocalists going it alone is that the bands they form can… Continue Reading →

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