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Ultra Violence – Deflect The Flow (Candlelight)

Ultra Violence are (for those who are un-initiated) a young Italian bunch of thrash-revivalists, who started out their career with their debut full length ‘Privilege to Overcome’ on the modern thrash pushing label Punishment 18, and now see their 2nd… Continue Reading →

Zero Down – No Limit To The Evil (Minotauro Records)

There’s something immediately American about Zero Down. The instantly familiar style of the artwork (done by Ed Repka of Death/Megadeth etc fame) aside, the band’s look, style and sound really does seem very Stateside. And Zero Down ARE American (luckily… Continue Reading →

Lost Society – Fast Loud Death (Nuclear Blast)

I remember the days when there was a real thrash drought. There was a lot of stuff labelling itself as thrash, but in reality, it wasn’t. In fact, I can even remember believing that I’d never fully enjoy any thrash… Continue Reading →

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