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Crematory – Antiserum (SPV)

I had a preview of this album with last year’s single release of the bouncy and anthemic “Shadowmaker”, which features on this album. It mixes Crematory’s melodic gothic metal style, which they’ve been perfecting over 23 years, with a strong… Continue Reading →

Aesthetic Perfection – Til Death (Metropolis)

I have seen the name of this lot plenty of times as far as on the live front is concerned and indeed note they have a headlining show at the London Underworld on the 20th of February with Faderhead. Plug… Continue Reading →

Crematory – Shadowmaker (SPV)

There’s something simplistic about Crematory’s music. I guess the fact that their music is so approachable is why they’ve released ten albums, can call themselves “Germany’s leading gothic metal band” and why “Revolution” (2004) is a favourite in my collection…. Continue Reading →

Skinny Puppy – Weapon (Metropolis)

Almost 30 years and 15 albums now from Skinny Puppy and if you find yourself missing them for any amount of time there are always solo releases popping up from frontman Nivek Ogre under his ohGr moniker. ‘Weapon’ is the… Continue Reading →

C.R.O.W.N – Psychurgy (Candlelight)

I’ve grown to hate the term ‘industrial’. Being able to remember the heyday of real industrial when Throbbing Gristle, Chrome and (early) Cabaret Voltaire were the avante-garde, then the dirty mutant metal infected siblings of Ministry, Godflesh or Front Line… Continue Reading →

Hocico – El Último Minuto (Out Of Line)

You can forget all about Tex-Mex, welcome to Tech Mex. Sorry could not resist that but it is a good enough intro to describe this veritable feast of beats from an album whose full unwieldy title is El Último Minuto (Antes… Continue Reading →

8th Sin – Cosmogenesis (Soulseller)

Apparently this album has taken eight years too get to this stage, due too various members touring duties and such, and completes the third part of a trilogy with which I have no previous acquaintance. So starting from the top… Continue Reading →

Paresis – Last Shadow (Armalyte)

It’s good when a musician is fed up of what he’s listening to and does something about it, so hats off to Mr Simon Fuller a.k.a. Paresis. He describes his project as follows: “Paresis combines ‘industrial’ in the loosest possible… Continue Reading →

Suicide Commando – Attention Whore (Out Of Line)

Attention Whore! Sorry must stop talking to our readers like that. Nope in all seriousness what we have here is a new and apparently strictly limited single from Belgium EBM outfit Suicide Commando. Of course being of the electro persuasion… Continue Reading →

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