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Dust Bolt

Prayers Of Sanity – Face Of the Unknown (Rasthilo Records)

Portuguese thrash trio Prayers Of Sanity are a rather fast bunch. Forming in 2007 and having two full length albums already under their belt, packed to the brim with riffs a plenty and the usual staples of thrash (Religion, Politics),… Continue Reading →

Dust Bolt – Mass Confusion (Napalm)

Back in 2014, I got an email which contained reference to a promising thrash band from Germany called Dust Bolt. The fact that it was to Teutonic Thrash piqued my interest and I jumped at the chance to give it… Continue Reading →

Fateful Finality – Battery (SPV)

German four piece thrash act, winner of a Wacken metal battle, releasing their second full length album? If this sounds familiar you would be correct in thinking that – I have covered a band with similar circumstances (Dust Bolt) and… Continue Reading →

Obituary, M:Pire of Evil, Dust Bolt & Rotting Repugnancy – London Electric Ballroom 1/2/2015

A pinch and a punch for the first of the month is more than likely to occur tonight, as the pits and aggression expected from a death metal entity such as Obituary is a force not to be reckoned with… Continue Reading →

Cripper – Hyëna (Metal Blade)

When I saw ‘German Thrash’ in the brief description of the band, I knew I had to review this album. Having reviewed the promising Dust Bolt earlier this year, tackling the slightly more established Cripper was something I looked forwards… Continue Reading →

Interview – Dust Bolt

Back in May when the review list went out, my eyes were drawn to a band called Dust Bolt. I didn’t know much about them, but when their name was followed by the words “German” and “Thrash”, I knew I… Continue Reading →

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