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Astral Winter – Perdition II (Immortal Frost Productions)

Perdition II huh? Well I missed Perdition I so can’t give you a comparison as to how the pieces fit together, so this is simply based on what I have. It’s that odd genre of music again; you know, the… Continue Reading →

Midnight Odyssey – Biolume Part 1 – In Tartarean Chains (I, Voidhanger)

So what’s your definition of symphonic black metal? Dimmu Borgir? Cradle Of Filth in their more extravagant moments? Well for me my favourite style is this incarnation of Australian mastermind Dis Pater, though of course being the man of musical… Continue Reading →

Druadan Forest – Dismal Spells From The Dragonrealm (Werewolf)

So labelling this ‘dungeon synth’, according to the PR, is ‘revisionist ‘ and sells short the man’s work. Well only is you think dungeon synth is something to be sneered at, and I most certainly do not think that. Dungeon… Continue Reading →

Druadan Forest – The Lost Dimension (Wolfspell)

Have you been waiting patiently for the last 5 years for a new Summoning album? Well not long to go until Silenius and Protector deliver new opus ‘With Doom We Come.’ If you are really hungering for an immediate trip… Continue Reading →

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