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Violation Wound – With Man In Charge (Peaceville Records)

Headed up by Chris Reifert (Autopsy) there is a spattering of releases from Violation Wound who formed in 2014 when I reviewed the bands self-titled debut of which I was very complimentary with its no nonsense skin stripping punk rock…. Continue Reading →

Iron Reagan / Gatecreeper – Split (Relapse Records)

I think I must have been quick off the blocks to get a hold of this from Thee Ed, as I know that both Iron Reagan and Gatecreeper are some of the most hotly regarded bands of the last couple… Continue Reading →

Solanum / Epi-Demic – Passages To Lunacy (Horror Pain Gore Death Productions)

As I’ve stated before I like split releases a lot and this one is damn decent with two bands from Canada demonstrating their flair for punishing thrash metal and crossover music that is equal to most underground releases being put… Continue Reading →

Dr Living Dead – Crush The Sublime Gods (Century Media)

Crossover. It’s not new. It’s not big. It’s not clever. But…….it’s fucking good fun. These Swedes play bandana wearin’, skateboard ridin’, nuclear waste huffin’, acid green thrashcore. These guys play in Skull masks with ST style bandanas.  You can call… Continue Reading →

Birth A.D. – I Blame You (Metal Age)

It’s often rather cool when you get band members doing something a bit different from their day job. Think about all those grizzled extreme metal heads who decide deep down that they just want to strip things back and rawk… Continue Reading →

Hardcore Anal Hydrogen – The Talas Of Satan (Apathia)

What in the name of the patron saint of meth tweekers do we have here? Well I was expecting insanity when I cast my eyes over the band name and the Eastern religious iconography and font used on the garish… Continue Reading →

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