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Grimfaith – Preacher Creature (Bad Mood Man Music)

Gothic doom metal is a relatively easy genre to write and perform but a very difficult one to master. Take Grimfaith for example and their latest full length ‘Preacher Creature’. Once you get past the intro track which screams (quite… Continue Reading →

Aut Mori – Первая Cлеза Oсени (Bad Mood Man Music)

The beauty and the beast style of gothic doom is not an easy sound to master. Popularised by the likes of Draconian and Theatre of Tragedy (until that dingbat decided he wanted to be a robot), the key is the… Continue Reading →

Amber Tears – Revelation Of Renounced (Bad Mood Man Music)

Those wonderful people at Bad Mood Man Music and Solitude Productions continue to do an excellent job in promoting the best in Russian doom, and the very welcome re-issue of Amber Tears long since unavailable 2006 debut is their latest… Continue Reading →

When Nothing Remains – As All Torn Asunder (Solitude Productions)

When Nothing Remains are from Gothenburg, Sweden, though to be honest you wouldn’t know it. I mean that in an entirely supportive way; there are no overwrought Maidenisms creeping forth, no sickly saccharine duelling guitars to distract away from the… Continue Reading →

Edenian – Winter Shades (Bad Mood Man Music)

Female fronted gothic doom bands are two a penny these days, as is so often the case when a genre becomes in vogue. Ukrainian sextet Edenian are the latest band to roll off the ‘Beauty and the Beast’ production line,… Continue Reading →

Tears of Mankind – Memoria (Bad Mood Man Music)

I am often curious as to the mentality behind solo projects. Is it a case that the artist in question does not play well with others? Are they a bit of a dictator? Is it simply that they can’t bear… Continue Reading →

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