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Heaven Shall Burn – Of Truth & Sacrifice (Century Media)

Not realising that ‘Of Truth & Sacrifice’ was a double album was probably the biggest school boy error I could have made; however, I grabbed the bull by the horns and pressed play, filled with anticipation for the marathon that… Continue Reading →

Haiku Funeral – Decadent Luminosity (Aesthetic Death)

The past two albums gave me nightmares and hallucinations in more than just title and now I am promised decadence and luminosity. Will a light suddenly go on in my head and understanding be reached as far as Haiku Funeral… Continue Reading →

Sorrowseed – The Extinction Prophecies (SR)

Although this album saw the darkness originally in 2011 it has probably pretty much escaped notice, certainly in the UK and that is a shame as considering the work that has gone into it, this self-released band from New England… Continue Reading →

Holy Moses – 30th Anniversary: In The Power Of Now (SPV)

Yep, you read that right. Thirty damned years including a couple of minor ‘holidays’ due to splits and serious illness is how long Teutonic metal heads Holy Moses have been thrashing it up. Thirty. Yeah they were one of the… Continue Reading →

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