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Earth Ship - Hollowed (Napalm)

Earth Ship – Hollowed (Napalm)

Berlin’s Earth Ship are a band that crosses genres. Depending on your state of mind when you press play, you’ll hear something different each and every time. Firing out two parts doom and one part southern metal, Earth Ship have managed to muster an album.. Read More
Shakhtyor – Tunguska (Cyclone Empire)

Shakhtyor – Tunguska (Cyclone Empire)

With “demanding full-time jobs”, these Hamburgers’ often struggle to find time to write, practice and record. And yet here they are with their second album having thrashed out a finished product down at Tonmeisterei Studio with producer Roland Wiegener (Omega Massif, Kodiak, Long Distance Calling). The.. Read More
Herod - They Were None (Mighty Music / Target)

Herod – They Were None (Mighty Music / Target)

On a trip to Sweden, staying in an isolated studio apartment, guitarist Pierre Caroz looked around the cold and desolate climate that surrounded him and began to construct music to match. What emerged was a primitive, oppressively dark cacophony (a little like Kongh have been.. Read More
The Great Sabatini - Dog Years (Solar Flare Records)

The Great Sabatini – Dog Years (Solar Flare Records)

Spend any time listening to The Great Sabatini and you’ll realise that this Montreal-based quartet aren’t a one-trick pony. Their fans must all come hard-wired to embrace change since, like a kid on jungle juice, their music never settles. One minute they’ll be locked into.. Read More
Osoka - Osoka (Slow Burn Records)

Osoka – Osoka (Slow Burn Records)

Little of it seems to reach our Western senses, but there really is a veritable hotbed of doom and drone down in the remote and impossibly vast country of Russia. Maybe it’s the humidity of the cities or the often subarctic climate that has inspired.. Read More
Dark Buddha Rising – Dakhmandal (Svart)

Dark Buddha Rising – Dakhmandal (Svart)

An altered state of consciousness, is any condition which is significantly different from a normal waking beta wave state. There’s plenty of ways to achieve this, through sensory deprivation, psychotropic drugs or yoga, even by hiring the services of a thing called a derrenbrown. Someone.. Read More
Zatokrev - The Bat, The Wheel And A Long Road To Nowhere (Candlelight)

Zatokrev – The Bat, The Wheel And A Long Road To Nowhere (Candlelight)

This quartet from Basel, Switzerland have been plugging away with their low-slung dramatics since 2003, and this constitutes their third long-player; this time with a new “fixed” line-up. The fact it’s getting a release on the revered Candlelight label proves just how well-received their early.. Read More
Hummune - Crafted In Darkness

Hummune – Crafted In Darkness

Formed in 2009, Southampton’s Hummune, a conglomerate force made up of former members of the bands Older Than Dirt, Kill-Joy, Dissentient Revolt and Parade Of Enemies, have just released their debut long-player, Crafted In Darkness, and it sounds like it could be a bit of.. Read More
Of Spire & Throne - Vagary (SR)

Of Spire & Throne – Vagary (SR)

Things I don’t often get to review exhibit A} a twenty one minute, one track EP with the intriguing title of ‘ Vagary’. I had the pleasure of reviewing Scottish sludge doom band Of Spire & Throne’s last EP ‘ The Trial Of Failure’ back.. Read More