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Doom Metal

Death SS – Rock ‘N’ Roll Armageddon (High Roller)

Things I’ve always loved in music are shock, cheese and the utterly weird, from the early days of Alice Cooper and Arthur Brown to the easy listening Glam style of Sweet, Slade and Wizzard, two of which had cracking Christmas… Continue Reading →

Horn of the Rhino – Summoning Deliverance (Doomentia)

For me the Basque region of Spain (that is a politically dangerous thing to type) will always be intrinsically linked with Metal. This is thanks to my great friendship with Maria Herreros  presenter of Sex to 9 and beloved of… Continue Reading →

Necros Christos – Nine Graves (Sepulchral Voice)

This nine track mini album comprises four meaty chunks of death/doom, a long Persian style interlude and four “Temples” full of dreamy spiritual sitar-led sounds. This is from a German band with a healthy back catalogue and a still healthier… Continue Reading →

Solstice – Death’s Crown Is Victory (Invictus)

Well this promo turning up was a pleasant surprise. Those of you who bothered to read my End Of Year thing for 2013 would have noticed I have already praised this as it was available as a download from the… Continue Reading →

Memory Garden – Doomain (Metal Blade)

As far as I remember, Memory Garden were one of the better known band’s in a 90’s Swedish Metal movement. Along with Memento Mori, Tad Morose, Morgana Lefay and Abstrakt Algebra, it was all a kind of Dark/Power/Doom thing that… Continue Reading →

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