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Ataraxy – Where All Hopes Fade (Dark Descent Records)

This gloomily titled album starts off on a suitably dark and sombre note. As they tell us, it goes into death-doom territory but not quite. Such is “The Absurdity of a Whole Cosmos”, the instrumental opener of this second full… Continue Reading →

Esoteric – Esoteric Emotions: The Death Of Ignorance (Aesthetic Death)

Now this is a real relic and not that I want to make anyone feel old or anything but it was quarter of a century ago that we were first exposed to the hallucinatory musical trauma of Esoteric. I can’t… Continue Reading →

Ocean of Grief – Nightfall’s Lament (Rain Without End)

Ocean of Grief’s debut EP Fortress of My Dark Self caused a bit of a stir in the doom metal underground with its grand and doleful lamentation that left many a doom death-monger in pit of euphoric dejection. Is this… Continue Reading →

Norilsk- Le Passage des glaciers (Hypnotic Dirge)

French Canadian Duo Norilsk have followed 2015’s “The Idea of North” with 8 slabs of doom death by the name of “Le Passage des Glaciers”  Norilsk is the most northern city in Siberia and allegedly home to a heavy metal… Continue Reading →

Into Coffin – The Majestic Supremacy Of Cosmic Chaos (Terror From Hell)

This two track, twenty eight minute MCD is my second meeting with the curiously monikered Into Coffin. The title says it all really as far as themes go; we’re in the world of Azathoth and its ilk, Lovecraft’s nuclear cosmic… Continue Reading →

Hanging Garden – I Am Become (Lifeforce Records)

‘I Am Become’ is the fifth album by the Helsinki sextet and first with the current line-up. It is also awesome listening for the autumn where the sky is miserably overcast and the days brisk and cold. It’s rather melodic… Continue Reading →

Paradise Lost – Medusa (Nuclear Blast)

Now, if you thought that the veteran gothic/doom metalers had gone back to basics with 2015’s ‘The Plague Within’, wait until you hear this gnarly little fucker. Almost completely devoid of PL’s more grandiose leanings, ‘Medusa’ is certainly their heaviest… Continue Reading →

My Silent Wake – Damnatio Memoriae (Minotauro Records)

A re-release? From a 2015 original arrival date? What gives? Actually, I have very little idea, but given that this is the first chance I’ve had to listen to the album, it’s all good for me as it goes. Actually,… Continue Reading →

Mourners Lament – We All Be Given (Hammerheart Records)

So, I placed a bid with Thee Editor to review this album, as I had reviewed an earlier album of theirs some years ago. Or rather, as it turned out, I hadn’t – I’d in fact reviewed another crew entirely,… Continue Reading →

Mourning Dawn – Waste (Aesthetic Death)

Last Easter Sunday involved a rare opportunity to see French band Mourning Dawn live at Doom Over London. This one and here I sit writing about their new EP. Pure coincidence that this is, I can’t help getting slightly spooked… Continue Reading →

Morast – Ancestral Void (Totenmusik / Ván Records)

I have previously mentioned in my review of the Venenum album that Germany has fast become a major force within the death metal scene as another act vies for prominence. The band’s debut demo in 2015 was a crawling insidious… Continue Reading →

Memoriam- For The Fallen (Nuclear Blast)

…So, it’s finally arrived. I honestly can’t remember quite when I last looked forwards to an album this much. As a huge Bolt Thrower fan, I was left feeling pretty low when the war-obsessed crew decided to call it a… Continue Reading →

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