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Crystal Viper – Tales Of Fire And Ice (AFM Records)

Scarcely a month since the Moon Chamber album came, we now get this, the latest from Marta Gabriel’s main long running and for me much admired band. Two years on from their pretty full throttle straight heavy metal album Queen… Continue Reading →

Lesbian Bed Death – Born to Die on VHS (Psychophonic Records)

Now I have reviewed a few albums by bands with questionable names. I have also reviewed a few albums that champion the horror flicks of my youth. Freddy Kruger’s Underpants 2017 thrash offering “1981” offered some from column A and… Continue Reading →

Dynazty – Firesign (AFM)

Sometimes association with past experiences can be misleading. A friend of mine lent me a CD by Dynazty a few years back when they were on Spinefarm – “I love this lot…and they sound like Dokken” he raved (not sure… Continue Reading →

Wolfpakk – Wolves Reign (AFM)

Wolfpakk are a melodic metal band formed by the hugely talented Michael Voss and Mark Sweeney who invite guest vocalists to join them on their expertly crafted albums. This is their fourth and the third one in a row that… Continue Reading →

Vandallus – On The High Side (High Roller)

Now this is a surprise. Vandallus features two thirds of the satanic royalists Midnight, namely Steve Dukuslow (drums) and Shaun Vanek (guitar, drums Bass) and this trio is completed by Jamie Vanek (vocals/guitars). However, the other Jamie from Midnight did… Continue Reading →

Gracepoint – Echoes (S/R)

Gracepoint describe their music as sophisticated metal. I’m new to this band from Minneapolis and what strikes me instantly is the very fine musicianship displayed on their second album “Echoes”. It’s been a long time between drinks following the debut… Continue Reading →

Cauldron – In Ruins (High Roller)

Canada’s Cauldron have become an institution on these shores of recent years, having moved over to the much respected, more music orientated High Roller Records, this their fourth full length that sees the band solidifying their sound and for me… Continue Reading →

Inside Metal: Pioneers of LA Hard Rock and Metal – Part 1 (Wienerworld)

This is a documentary series that starts to highlight where the LA scene came from. We all pretty much know the scene of the 80’s, but this DVD starts from the 60’s and goes through a period particularly from 1975… Continue Reading →

Wolfpakk – Rise Of The Animal (AFM)

Ah, Wolfpakk, so we meet again…and my, what big teeth you have! I had the honour of reviewing their previous outing “Cry Wolf” in 2013, which on the whole was very good (if I ignore the Michael Bolton meets Disney… Continue Reading →

Axxion – Wild Racer (High Roller Records)

Axxion (pronounced Action) is a new Canadian metal band heralding stereotypical alter egos as common in traditional metal circles. You may know of Alison Thunderland (drums, vocals) and Sir Shred (lead guitar, vocals) as ex-members of Skullfist, so you can… Continue Reading →

On Top – Top Heavy (Horror Pain Gore Death Productions)

On Top are a US“ power trio” who will apparently be suitable for fans of Motley Crue, Dokken, Queensryche, WASP and Dio? A sweeping statement, and to my ears rather inaccurate! This is dirty rock n roll, something that has… Continue Reading →

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