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NortherN – Desolate Ways to Ultima Thule (Moribund Records)

In previous times, Northern went by the name ‘Cold Northern Vengeance’ and although I have a couple of their albums, they didn’t really hit my radar. However, I was interested to hear this new incarnation, especially with the press release… Continue Reading →

Infernal Legion – Under The Cloven Hoof (Moribund)

Satanism and Death Metal have always gone hand in hand. Perhaps it’s the symbolism of the repugnant bowels of the underworld, or maybe it’s the imagery of eternal suffering and torture, either way the symbolic notion of damnation has always… Continue Reading →

Spite – Antimoshiach (Invictus)

No mosh, no core, no trends but fun, yes there is a fair bit of fun here, whether intentional or not. Spite continues a run I have been having of late with one man acts and this one hails from… Continue Reading →

Watain – Trident Wolf Eclipse (Century Media)

Black metal maniacs Watain should need no introduction having been at the forefront of the extreme music underground for several years, gaining notoriety for their abrasive live shows as well as their vitriolic studio outpourings. It is hard to believe… Continue Reading →

The Spirit – Sounds From The Vortex (Eternal Echoes)

If you’re used to judging a band by its name and album cover then you may already have decided to skip past The Spirit – but that, my friend, would have been a mistake. Because Sounds From the Vortex is… Continue Reading →

Arckanum – Den förstfödde (Folter Records)

Normally an Arckanum release would be met with a bit of a fanfare but this, his 9th studio album seems to have slipped in with a somewhat muted fashion. Not only that but the press release here states that “the… Continue Reading →

Sheidim – Infamata (I, Voidhanger)

Discordant sombreness fills the air. So starts this EP from Spanish black metal band Sheidim. From this comes the ferocious fire of “A Dying Sun”, with a distinct thrash element fuelling the flames. An old school guitar line, more sinister… Continue Reading →

Schafott – The Black Flame (High Roller)

It’s debut album time for this bunch of Teutonic terrors, always a big step even in this day and age. Once the backwards snarling and melodic guitar intro ‘Conflagration’ is out of the way, which suggests some gritty and dark… Continue Reading →

Blackevil – The Ceremonial Fire (FDA Records)

I have only recently discovered this German band via their debut EP ‘Hail the Cult’, which was some hefty black/thrash. This full length album certainly expands their arsenal somewhat based on what I’ve heard. The nasty harshness is still present,… Continue Reading →

Sincarnate – In Nomine Homini (Hatework)

Romanian band Sincarnate cite their influences as Nile/Dissection/My Dying Bride, and the ominous tones of Portishead, and proudly wearing those on their sleeve, present their second full-length album ‘In Nomine Homini’. Raging death metal with a blackened soul, exhaling doom… Continue Reading →

Necrowretch – Satanic Slavery (Season Of Mist)

This French bands first two albums have been on my playlist regularly over the last few years as we now get a third album that sees the band strengthen their song writing into eight songs of blistering power and consummate… Continue Reading →

Stygian Temple – In The Sign Of The Five Angles (Sol Records)

You kind of know what to expect from a cold, dark name like Stygian Temple and that’s just as well as these Germans don’t go down the normal public Internet route of giving much in the way of information away…. Continue Reading →

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