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Butcher In The Fog – A Screaming Reflection (Sleight Of Hand Music)

London trio Butcher In The Fog are a many headed beast. Taking elements of hardcore punk and throwing in helpings of head banging thrash with a touch of old fashioned doom metal, there’s something in there for everyone. I caught… Continue Reading →

Ravens Creed – Get Killed or Die Trying (Xtreem Music)

Well, I had to do a bit of a double take on the title of this one, as it reminded me almost immediately of The Rotted’s “Get Dead or Die Trying” from way back in 2008, but as you can… Continue Reading →

Memoriam – The Silent Vigil (Nuclear Blast)

It was quite a thing for Memoriam, comprised of course of members and ex-members of British Death Metal royalty, Bolt Thrower and Benediction, to have produced their excellent debut album, “For the Fallen” back in 2017, less than a year… Continue Reading →

Antisect – The Rising Of The Lights (Rise Above)

Old crustbags never die, it just smells like it. Ah yes Antisect, the original squat the lot Anarcho punks have a hell of a history behind them which stretches right back to 1982 and has somehow resisted and existed and… Continue Reading →

Expander – Endless Computer (Nuclear War Now)

Thrash + Nuclear War Now = Atompünk. Well that seems like a perfect genre for this bunch outta Austin Texas. I don’t know about you but a promo picture does speak words and the amount of artists with floppy fringes… Continue Reading →

FUBAR – Weltschmerz (F.D.A Rekotz)

FUBAR are a quintet from Southern Netherlands and make the kind of rampant spiky Grindcore that makes you want to pick up a spray can, or a book and make a difference. The title “Weltschmerz” is a German work meaning… Continue Reading →

Iron Reagan – Crossover Ministry (Relapse)

Having a bad day? Maybe the boss is giving you the shits and the rest of humanity is conspiring to just not play nice? 30 minutes is all you need to cast away these unpleasantries and Iron Reagan may just… Continue Reading →

Neurosis, Discharge, Subhumans – London Koko 8/11/16

Celebrating a rich and extensive 30 years of musical history, post-metal/sludge heavyweights Neurosis put on two special anniversary shows, back to back, at Koko to celebrate. The first night is a focused more on the ambient, post metal span of… Continue Reading →

Rotten UK – That Is Not Dead (Hells Headbangers)

UK82 inspired punk has to be a good thing. Doing it in style is another and this debut from Rotten UK packs a wallop. With the ever present risk of falling into mere imitation, it takes a quality band to… Continue Reading →

Nuke – S/T (Hells Headbangers)

Formed in Detroit back in 2014, Nuke are a five piece speed metal band who have one aim – play hard, fast and loud. This self titled effort is their debut full length release and given the snippets they have… Continue Reading →

Parasit – A Proud Tradition of Stupidity (Cyclone Empire)

With recent releases by Extreme Noise Terror and Discharge – both blinding albums GO GET EM! – I was itching to get my ears around this bunch of brutality from Swedish D Beat Crusties Parasit. The band, formed in 2010… Continue Reading →

Discharge – End Of Days (Nuclear Blast)

So 40 years of punk eh? What a crock of shit all the “celebrations” have been to commemorate it all. Punk was never met to be acceptable and the people behind it were never supposed to be accepted by the… Continue Reading →

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