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Disbelief – The Symbol of Death (Listenable Records)

Is it really seven years since Disbelief released “Heal!”? Time flies, I guess, and I remember enjoying it a fair bit when it was released, with their mid-tempo meat-and-potatoes take on death metal. One of Germany’s most reliable death metal… Continue Reading →

Sekoria – Im Reich der Schatten (Kernkraftritter Records)

“Im Reich der Schatten” (In the Kingdom of Shadows) is Sekora’s second album. A weighty intro “Einbruch der Dunkelheit” (Nightfall) suggests a symphonic experience, and there is that, but a slightly unsatisfactory downturn takes us into the realms of melodic… Continue Reading →

Morgoth – Ungod (Century Media)

One of the phrases I hate reading in album reviews (and I know I’ve used it myself) is ‘this album doesn’t break new ground’. Well it’s death fucking metal mate, what do you expect? A One Direction cover? Seriously! Remember… Continue Reading →

Final Silence – We Are This For A Reason (Casket)

It’s not every day that you hear a hardcore gang chant with skirling bagpipes in the background. That’s before a techno remix of an earlier track “Riding a Redhead” which brings this album to an end. If such eccentricity and… Continue Reading →

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