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Suicide Forest – S/T (Avantgarde Music)

There appear to be two DSBM bands operating under this name which kind of surprises me. There being only two I mean. Anyway this is the US based one which in the studio means one man, A Kruger. This begins… Continue Reading →

Death Comes Crawling – Looking For Semblance (I, Voidhanger)

Something different as we reach towards Yule. Dis Pater, of Midnight Odyssey fame amongst other projects, has always been an artist of singular vision and distinctive sound, and if you are a fan of Midnight Odyssey then the fact that… Continue Reading →

Midnight Odyssey – Silhouettes Of Stars (I Voidhanger)

I missed the 2015 Shards Of Silver Fate album by Midnight Odyssey, the cosmic/ambient black metal project that Australian auteur Dis Pater chooses to express himself through; a situation I am going to have to correct. You see just before… Continue Reading →

Lord Agheros – Demiurgo (My Kingdom Music)

Back once more into the comforting arms of atmospheric/ambient black metal. It is a place I like to be, I admit, as I often think of them as soundtracks to lost films. Here it is all about the atmosphere and… Continue Reading →

Crowned – Vacuous Spectral Silence (Seance Records)

Hey, look, I got an album of Aussie atmospheric black metal and Dis Pater isn’t involved! Ahem. Sorry. But it weirdly (and stupidly on my part) surprised me with my recent review duties. Anyway, sporting a fine black and white… Continue Reading →

Narrow House – A Key To Panngrieb (Solitude Productions)

If you hunt out any promo pictures of Ukrainian band Narrow House you might be forgiven for thinking we are about to step into flouncy goth metal territory. Thankfully, though, we are deep into funeral doom here. Deep in. With… Continue Reading →

Tempestuous Fall – The Stars Would Not Awake You (I Voidhanger)

Tempestuous Fall. Another new name and one wrapped in grandeur and Classical allusion. Just a little peek behind the thick curtains and we catch a glimpse of the robed mastermind behind the heavy sobriquet; it is father Hades himself, the… Continue Reading →

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