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Wallachia – Monumental Heresy (Debemur Morti)

Wallachia – Monumental Heresy (Debemur Morti)

Accessibility in the more extreme regions of Metal can sometimes be a problem, its no good thrusting a Vlad Tepes album in the face of a Black Metal newbie for example. The more raw or even technical elements of certain artists can just pass the.. Read More
Profane Burial - The Rosewater Park Legend (Apathia Records)

Profane Burial – The Rosewater Park Legend (Apathia Records)

Towards the end of 2015 I waxed lyrical about Images at Twilight’s debut album, and to this day I still re-visit this epic masterpiece. I was therefore interested to hear that the Images at Twilight mastermind Andre Aaslie is involved in a couple of other.. Read More
Susperia - The Lyricist (Agonia Records)

Susperia – The Lyricist (Agonia Records)

Susperia are back and they have commandeered the vocal talents of Bernt ‘Dagon’ Fjellestad to help deliver this latest offering ‘The Lyricist’ The origins of Susperia date back to 1988 when the then drummer with Dimmu Borgir, Tjodalv, got together with his long-time friend, Cyrus,.. Read More
Vargrav - Netherstorm (Werewolf Records)

Vargrav – Netherstorm (Werewolf Records)

Always a bit of a sucker for symphonic black metal, I was pleased to have the opportunity to sample this album from Finland’s Vargrav, the project of V-Khaoz, the former drummer of the atmospheric black metal band Kalmankantaja. This “act of black arts”, we are.. Read More
Mork -  Eremittens Dal (Peaceville)

Mork – Eremittens Dal (Peaceville)

Even before you reach the music here with Thomas Eriksen’s Mork one man project, you kind of get big galloping clues as to what you’ll get. From the logo to artwork and even the damned label you are walloped in the face with a whole.. Read More
Wintersun - The Forest Seasons (Nuclear Blast)

Wintersun – The Forest Seasons (Nuclear Blast)

Genre defying Metallers Wintersun are not a band to be rushed. With a gap of 8 years between their first and second albums, it’s with a hint of ironic surprise at the veritable speed of this their third album being unleashed after a mere 5.. Read More
Æra – Of Forsworn Vows (De Tenebrarum Principio)

Æra – Of Forsworn Vows (De Tenebrarum Principio)

This seems as obscure as it gets. A guy from Chile with a Scandinavian name and an American from St Louis, Missouri have released their debut ep of pagan black metal. I read that this ep “Of Forsworn Vows” is on cassette and limited to.. Read More
Eoront – Another Realm (Code 666)

Eoront – Another Realm (Code 666)

The whole concept of this intrigued me. Eoront is an atmospheric black metal project from Siberia. This is their third album. Nature pours through the opening track “The Rain”. The drops of water can be heard and there is a crackling fire, but it’s as.. Read More
Allegaeon - Proponent for Sentience (Metal Blade)

Allegaeon – Proponent for Sentience (Metal Blade)

Allegaeon are back with their fourth album and only a single line-up change. Long-time vocalist Ezra Haynes has been replaced by Riley McShane and to be honest I wasn’t immediately convinced, especially when I noted he had taken over a fair bit of the lyric.. Read More
Arx Atrata – Spiritus In Terra (S/R)

Arx Atrata – Spiritus In Terra (S/R)

Debut album Oblivion seemingly came from out of nowhere at the beginning of 2014 and pretty much blew me away. Looking back at the review I had little information to go on at the time as the band were not revealing much at all wanting.. Read More
Stilla – Skuggflock (Nordvis / Bindrune)

Stilla – Skuggflock (Nordvis / Bindrune)

Translating the album title as “Shadowpack” this is the third full length from this inventive Swedish avant-garde black metal act whose album cover conjures up notions of mysticism and chilly autumnal mornings where mist and dew blanket the air. Being my first listening experience for.. Read More
Torc - Tóny Annwnu (Murderous Music Production)

Torc – Tóny Annwnu (Murderous Music Production)

Feeling like a limb has been cut off and you have been thrown to the wolves to defend for yourself? Well that’s certainly the political climate in the UK at the moment for many. Not that this should have anything to do with reviewing an.. Read More