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Convent Guilt – Diamond Cut Diamond (Gates Of Hell Records)

Aussie heavy metal outfit, Convent Guilt deliver their second long player clinging to the golden era sounds of 1978-1982 where the NWOBHM found its feet and today’s giants of our world started to stamp their almighty authority. To worship at… Continue Reading →

Quartz – Fear No Evil (High Roller)

One of the things to be genuinely treasured about the NWOBHM is the number of bands that have soldiered (pun intended) on or quietly slipped out of retirement now the kids have grown up. It’s both a sobering reminder that… Continue Reading →

Vampyromorpha – Fiendish Tales of Doom (Trollzorn)

Rarely does a title describe so succinctly the contents of an album. Vampyromorpha (not sure about that name) eschew the current trend of reworking Sabbath numbers or trying to be the new Blue Cheer in favour of mixing Pentagram and… Continue Reading →

Diamond Head – S/T (Dissonance Records)

Diamond Head are an iconic band wouldn’t you agree? Whether it was first time around on their own merit as one of the highlights of the NWOBHM scene or from the recommendations of one little band called Metallica, they are… Continue Reading →

Seth – Seth (Minotauro Records)

Minotauro records have developed a reputation for being the champions of forgotten bands and the latest of these to get the Minotauro treatment is 80’s Boston prog rockers Seth. A quick search of the internet for Seth and the imprint… Continue Reading →

Night Demon – Curse of the Damned (SPV)

I have been waiting over three years for this album, those not familiar with this band should know I have been a keen follower before they released the first version of their EP (reviewed here: Roll on a few… Continue Reading →

Destitution – Beware the Fury of the Patient Man (S/R)

Destitution are a four piece thrash band from the Netherlands who formed in 2007 with one purpose – To create old-school Thrash metal without losing sight of melody, variation and composition. After Two EP’s, the band entered the studio in… Continue Reading →

Savage Messiah- The Fateful Dark (Earache)

The fourth release from this London Thrash 4 piece is a meaty affair, helped in no small part to the production of Scott Atkins at Grindstone studios.  When I say meaty I am talking full on Brazilian barbecue gut buster… Continue Reading →

In Solitude – Sister (Metal Blade)

Since reviewing the reissue of their debut early this year I have become a firm fan of In Solitude and ‘Sister’ has been one of my most anticipated album releases of the year. Their debut was such a confident and… Continue Reading →

Night Demon – ST EP (SR)

This is a NWOBHM styled band from Ventura, California who took my fancy a while back and when in Germany recently I saw that they are playing Keep It True festival next year, so the word is out there. Is… Continue Reading →

Treason – Hell Is A Place On Earth (Casket)

London based trio Treason has their roots firmly established in the 80s when the UK metal scene was awash with thrash outfits. At that time the band was a quintet and based on my own experience of the time and… Continue Reading →

Superchrist – Holy Shit (Hells Headbangers)

Everybody loves a surprise or two in music, and I personally love getting albums where I expect nothing but then end up with something I really enjoy and rave about. Chicago based Supercrhist is a well established metal outfit with… Continue Reading →

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