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Epysode – Fantasmagoria (AFM)

Epysode’s debut totally passed me by! I missed it somehow – How?? I do like a bit of Dark Power Metal and sure enough this second offering has it in spades. There’s no Dragons being slayed here, no wizards. no… Continue Reading →

Lalu – Atomic Ark (Sensory Records)

There are so many contributing musicians here on this progressive metal work that it needs one person to hold them together. That one person is Frenchman Vivien Lalu, and what an impressive group of musicians he has assembled. The supporting… Continue Reading →

Overtures – Entering the Maze (Sleaszy Rider)

I like Italian metal in general and of the prog-power fraternity I particularly like DGM and Kingcrow. There’s such an energy and creativity about them. I didn’t know Overtures but they’ve been going since 2003 and this is their third… Continue Reading →

Eversin – Tears on the Face of God (My Kingdom Music)

With a portfolio of three albums, one of them under their previous name of Fuoco Fatuo, I would expect a certain proficiency and direction from the Sicilian band Eversin. “Tears on the Face of God” indeed is a work born… Continue Reading →

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