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Earth Rot – Black Tides of Obscurity (Season of Mist)

Earth Rot have been doing their black metal thing since 2013, since when they’ve released two eps and now three albums. Although they’ve never come into my life previously, it’s clear that they’ve put themselves about a bit, having toured… Continue Reading →

Devilish Impressions – The I (Lifeforce Records)

Luckily I’ve been following Devilish Impressions for long enough that I can ignore the publicity behind their fourth album release. Can somebody explain to me how “The I” is “a phonetic acronym of the band’s name”? Such contrived nonsense suggests… Continue Reading →

Dying Vision – Univerself (S/R)

Dying Vision is a group of musicians from Poland. Now there are many excellent musicians from Poland where there seems to be a blackened death factory producing such people, but two members of this band were of particular interest. First… Continue Reading →

Interview – Devilish Impressions

  Poland has a rich history of blackened death metal bands. Devilish Impressions was formed in 2000, since when they have been enhancing the genre with atmospheric and symphonic elements. As a follow-up to the band’s third album “Simulacra” in… Continue Reading →

Abbey ov Thelema – Liber DCLXVI (Wraith Productions)

“I look forward to next instalment from this extreme and alternative band” was how I signed off “Prelude to Apocalypse” (2012). Well, the Apocalypse has arrived in the form of this 79 minute work by the Slovakian-Polish duo comprising Abbey… Continue Reading →

Aenaon – Extance (Code 666)

From the progressive end of the impressive Greek black metal spectrum come Aenaon. This is their second album. With strong instrumentals and exaggerated swathes of darkness at the heart, “Extance” spends around an hour covering a lot of ground. To… Continue Reading →

Lilla Veneda – Diagnosis (SR)

Lilla Weneda is the name of a 19th century tragic drama about the invasion by the Lechians of the Wened tribe and is very significant in Polish history. The band Lilla Veneda from Wroclaw have taken on the spirit of… Continue Reading →

Naumachia – Black Sun Rising (Witching Hour Productions)

This album, the third by Poland’s Naumachia, was recorded three years ago in the famous Hertz studio but didn’t receive much publicity so it’s having a second round. The band’s line-up is interesting. On drums is Icanraz who as a… Continue Reading →

Eternal Deformity – The Beauty of Chaos (Code 666)

After 19 years Polish band Eternal Deformity are now releasing their fifth album. I haven’t heard the previous ones, but one thing is for sure. Pigeon-holing this style of music is not easy. I suppose avant-garde metal probably covers it…. Continue Reading →

Asgaard – Stairs to Nowhere (Icaros Records)

I once watched an interview on a dvd in which Hetzer, guitarist and founder member of Polish band Asgaard, suggested that metal music does not have to be for people of limited intellect. I took this as more of a… Continue Reading →

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