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Devildriver – Outlaws ‘Til The End (Napalm Records)

Dez Fafara doesn’t do things by half, and if the late Neil Armstrong was still with us today, I’m sure he would replicate his famous quote in order to embrace Devildriver’s latest venture, “one small step for man, one giant… Continue Reading →

Mindwarp – A Cold Black Day (Great Dane)

Having not released  full length album since way back in the previous millennium, Swiss four piece Mindwarp have catapulted themselves back into the scene with their latest and second ever album A Cold Black Day, a wholesome, quintessentially heavy release…. Continue Reading →

Devildriver – Trust No One (Napalm)

Back in the early 2000’s, Nu Metal was booming, baggy jeans, chains, terribly dyed spiked hair… Don’t shake your heads, some of us thought that was cool! Anyway, for those of us who embraced the nu metal period, having grown… Continue Reading →

American Head Charge – Tango Umbrella (Napalm)

From their pseudo-industrial beginnings, American Head Charge have always been an intense bunch. Billed as part of the Nu-Metal wave which swamped the early 2000’s with their second album, “The War Of Art” which was produced by legendary producer Rick… Continue Reading →

Casket Robbery – Evolution of Evil (Mortal Music)

Murderers, madness and zombies are three key ingredients in any metal album nowadays that’s focusing on all things brutal and gory. With a name like Casket Robbery, it’s pretty much a given that being as brutal and gory as possible… Continue Reading →

Firespawn – Shadow Realms (Century Media)

Sweden is well renowned for producing some of the finest death metal the world has to offer and five piece Swedish Death super group Firespawn are no exception to the rule. Consisting of former members of Entombed A.D, Aeon and… Continue Reading →

Attack Vertical – The Great Waste (Tenacity Music)

Swiss melodic death metal and thrash type noisemakers Attack Vertical have been going from strength to strength over the past few years. After their 2011 release “This Glorious World”, Attack Vertical have managed to carve a reputation for themselves in… Continue Reading →

Kataklysm – Of Ghosts and Gods (Nuclear Blast)

Any fan of metal knows exactly what they’re getting when it comes to a Kataklysm album and their impressive 12th release Of Ghosts and Gods is no exception. The groove heavy riffs, thunderous blast beats and Maurizio Iacono’s signature growls,… Continue Reading →

Apontokation – Conquerors beyond the Stars (S/R)

The Spanish four pieces first release is a wonderfully accessible one. Conquerors beyond the Stars sits somewhere slap bang in the middle between both generic and extreme metal, possessing the infectious riffs of bands like Devildriver and Machine Head with… Continue Reading →

Coal Chamber – Rivals (Napalm)

Nu-Metal, one of the things many people my age were into at some point or other. Whilst it was ridiculed by fans of other sub-genres and fiercely defended by those who worshipped it, the ‘black sheep’ of the metal family… Continue Reading →

Drawers – Drawers (Kaotoxin)

Toulouse’s Drawers started life as a half-hearted side project but that all changed quickly when they started making a real, valid impact. The possibilities that lay in fully realising their latent potential was very rapidly grabbed with all ten of… Continue Reading →

Truth Corroded – The Saviours Slain (AFM)

The stereotypical view of Australia as a very sunny, laid-back country will surely be dispelled after one listen to `The Saviours Slain’, for this album contains 100% pure rage. This is the fifth studio album from prolific death/thrash/metalcore crew Truth… Continue Reading →

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