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Corpsefucking Art – Splatterphobia (Comatose)

When you see Death Metal as humorous have you gone too far? The answer is probably yes, the prospect of slaughter, rape and cannibalism isn’t something one should joke about. But when it becomes an over-the-top barrage of insane ideas… Continue Reading →

Posthuman Abomination – Transcending Embodiment (Comatose Music)

Flooding both musically and environmentally is generally a disaster it causes damage and in a musical sense causes reviewers and fans to trawl through endless hours of audio in search of a diamond in the rough. Sometimes I do honestly… Continue Reading →

Devangelic – Phlegethon (Comatose Music)

It is fair to say that Devangelic’s sophomore release `Phlegethon’ is one heavy album. Meatier than a 48 ounce steak between two giant hams, this is a truly crushing, devastating album. This is a prime cut, if you will, of… Continue Reading →

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