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Insane – Evil (Duplicate Records)

Insane – Evil (Duplicate Records)

Well these young Swedish whipper-snappers formed in 2009 and, after a few demos, splits etc this is their debut album, and there’s quite a lot to like if you’re a fan of old school thrash metal especially when you consider these young’uns weren’t even alive.. Read More
GWAR – Blood Of Gods (Metal Blade)

GWAR – Blood Of Gods (Metal Blade)

It can’t have been an easy decision to carry on after the tragic death of Dave Brockie aka Oderus Urungus at all. After all he was the alien in chief behind GWAR since they formed even if Sleazy Martini tried to steal the credit and.. Read More
Panzer – The Fatal Command (Nuclear Blast)

Panzer – The Fatal Command (Nuclear Blast)

If you didn’t grab Panzer’s debut album “Send Them All To Hell” then have a quiet word with yourself over a stiff drink. It was one of the best heavy metal releases of 2014. A classic Teutonic power trio, Schmier (bass / vocals) Herman Frank.. Read More
Inferno Festival - Oslo, Norway 12-15th April 2017 Day 2

Inferno Festival – Oslo, Norway 12-15th April 2017 Day 2

Day Two Thursday 13th April Before the festival began on day two, I paid a visit to the excellent Katakomben records store, and emptied my wallet on a variety of hard to find black metal releases, before heading back to the hotel for the metal auction, where.. Read More
Skulldrain - Hatred Rising (Vicisolum)

Skulldrain – Hatred Rising (Vicisolum)

Scandinavia are no strangers to metal which is off the aggressive kind. The birthplace of the melodic death metal genre, the home of the famed ‘Gothenburg Sound’ and some of the grimmest, doomiest and blackest metal out there. What we do tend to forget is.. Read More
Darkness – The Gasoline Solution (High Roller Records)

Darkness – The Gasoline Solution (High Roller Records)

About 30 years ago Germany’s Darkness released a trio of very good thrash albums starting in 1987 with “Death Squad” followed by “Defenders Of Justice” and “Conclusion & Revival” in 1988 and 1989 respectively that were part of the second wave of German thrash bands.. Read More
Reactory - Heavy (F.D.A. Rekotz)

Reactory – Heavy (F.D.A. Rekotz)

I completely forgot I was meant to be reviewing this. I don’t mean to say that I wasn’t listening to it repeatedly, what I’m saying is that it has such an 80’s thrash sound to it that it was easy to think it was an.. Read More
Bull Riff Stampede - Enraging the Beast (S/R)

Bull Riff Stampede – Enraging the Beast (S/R)

For those unfamiliar with the band Bull Riff Stampede, the best way to describe them to you without letting you hear them is simple – Picture yourself on the front line of a wall of death in a pit but instead of people coming at.. Read More
Interview - Nervosa

Interview – Nervosa

Last August, I was lucky enough to do an in depth interview with Fernanda Lira, the vocalist and bassist one of the fast rising bands in thrash metal. For almost an hour we discussed things like her influences, her music taste, played a game of.. Read More
Nervosa - Agony (Napalm)

Nervosa – Agony (Napalm)

Well, to say I haven’t been sat there waiting for this since August last year when Fernanda Lira, bassist and vocalist for the Brazilian thrash power trio Nervosa told me they planned to hit the studio in the start of 2016 would be a lie... Read More
Paradox – Pangea (AFM)

Paradox – Pangea (AFM)

It’s an unfortunate fact that many 80’s Metal bands, right across the board, just can’t win whatever they do. Thrash bands cop for it more than most because of the 90’s. They either split up (and get a kicking for giving up) or try to.. Read More
Deathstorm - Blood Beneath The Crypts (High Roller)

Deathstorm – Blood Beneath The Crypts (High Roller)

Whilst I have enjoyed the recent surge in retro inspired stoner rock and doom which has appeared so far this year, there’s nothing quite like thrash and recently having had two thrash albums from Switchtense and Warfect, with a new one from Teutonic legends Destruction.. Read More