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Psicopompo – Seven Sermons In Stone (Alien Passengers)

Delving right into the experimental underground it would not be surprising if Psicopompo was a completely new name to you as it was to me when I was asked to cover their new release ‘Seven Sermons In Stone.’ This invitation… Continue Reading →

Schramm – Jorg Buttgereit (Arrow)

It’s odd how things become more acceptable as time goes by, especially in the film world where perhaps what occurs in real life makes the censorship of art seem less necessary. Still who would have thought that Jorg Buttgereit’s quartet… Continue Reading →

Der Todesking – Jorg Buttgereit (Arrow)

The king of death resides resplendent on his throne, it will not be too long before you sit at his feet, it could happen in an instant, a heartbeat. It could take a long suffocating agony, the release from which… Continue Reading →

Nekromantik 2 – Jörg Buttgereit (Arrow)

Please note images used to illustrate this article do not reflect the quality of the stunning transfer presented here by Arrow. Even when Arrow pulled off the unimaginable and released Nekromantik earlier this year the prospect of Nekromantik 2, its… Continue Reading →

Nekromantik – Jorg Buttgereit (Arrow)

“Warning: Some of this film may be seen as grossly offensive and should not be shown to minors!!!” As this appears on the screen along with a childish home-made font with the movie title, everyone in attendance at the Kings… Continue Reading →

Taake – Gravkamre, Kroner Og Troner (Dark Essence)

Well this one is kind of self-explanatory once you get past the Norse and the title which translates to Tombs, Crown and Thrones. It’s an album that celebrates 20 years of Taake (and weren’t they damn naughty teens) with 20… Continue Reading →

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