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Vardan – Between Fog And Shadows (Moribund)

I am really beginning to lose track here. This appears to be the fifth Moribund released Vardan album I have reviewed this year but looking into things a little further the Sicilian workhorse has gone and sneaked out a couple… Continue Reading →

Hypothermia – Svartkonst (Agonia)

Comprising members of Lifelover and Kall Sweden’s Hypothermia has an extensive discography since their inception in 2001, which has seen the band always record everything they do live. Initially the band was more of a purist black metal style but… Continue Reading →

Shining – IX Everyone, Everything, Everywhere Ends (Season Of Mist)

What a great album title and perfect use of alliteration, airing a complete sense of negativity and disillusionment in just a few words. It can only really mean that everyone’s favourite depressive Swedes are back with their ninth album. I… Continue Reading →

Hateful Desolation – Withering In Dust (Adimere Records)

This demo sees a meeting of minds from Italy and Egypt with Gray Ravenmoon providing the hateful vocal parts from the former and Void the desolate instrumental sections from the latter. Although only essentially two tracks there’s quite a lot… Continue Reading →

Autumn’s Dawn – Gone (Eisenwald)

Hurrah it’s almost autumn, yeah piss off summer you had your turn and made us all hot, sticky and uncomfortable as well as spreading all your nasty allergies and dishing out some strange and severe weather of all sorts. Favourite… Continue Reading →

Vardan – Enjoy Of Deep Sadness (Moribund)

I have a feeling that if you look up ‘prolific’ in the dictionary you’ll find the standard definition crossed out and one man Italian atmospheric black metal band Vardan inserted. It’s what, about three albums in eighteen months? And depending… Continue Reading →

Faulnis – Snuff // Hiroshima (Cold Dimensions)

I absolutely loved the last album by these putrefying Germans. It’s been quite a while since ‘Gehirn zwischen Wahn und Sinn’ came out way back in 2009 and I was keen to find out what the band were like after… Continue Reading →

Austere – Withering Illusions And Desolation (Eisenwald)

Sorrow and Desolate are the names of the two players here coming from a land that really puts the downer in down under! You can tell this is not going to be a happy album but if you had already… Continue Reading →

Ekove Efrits – Nowhere (Hypnotic Dirge)

Ekove Efrits along with Silent Path are projects conceived by Iranian ‘Count De Efrit,’ or Saman N. I am not entirely sure if he operates from within Iran and if he does I am sure a certain amount of ambiguity… Continue Reading →

L’Hiver en Deuil – Ter Aarde (Consouling)

Charcoal colours of ash have trees virtually hidden amidst the cold colours on the artwork of this CD and it is quite expected that musically it will contain doom and gloom aplenty to accompany the fog enshrouded setting. On first… Continue Reading →

Shining – 8 ½ Feberdrömmar i vaket tillstånd (Dark Essence)

With so many bands going for the numerical album title I cannot think of any that have included a ½? I’m sure there are some out there and somebody will write in but there is a reason behind Swedish band… Continue Reading →

Lebensnacht – Syskyn Kuoleminen (Naturmacht Productions)

Nature, and man’s struggle with it, has always been a theme for black metal artists, especially those from Finland and Norway. Although the title, which roughly translates as “Autumn Dying”, is in Finnish, the artist behind this is a German… Continue Reading →

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