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Paara – Riitti (ViciSolum)

Paara return with ‘Riittti’, and they deliver an exercise in how to take the rough with the smooth, with this latest offering. They deliver up just 4 slabs of black metal, but these are spanned over a full 42 minutes…. Continue Reading →

Mors Principium Est – Embers of a Dying World (AFM)

If it’s fast and hard and melodic, it must be Mors Principium Est. Finland’s finest must be fed up of being compared with the usual Scandinavian suspects, with some justification I should add, but the fact that they’ve got to… Continue Reading →

Chalice of Suffering – For You I Die (Times End Records)

There’s always been a low-fi fringe to the funeral doom fraternity – and metal in general, I suppose – and it’s easy to forget the appeal of that in these days of digital perfection. What’s more the possibilities of the… Continue Reading →

Shape of Despair – Monotony Fields (Season of Mist)

Funeral doom, from the outside at least, sometimes feels like it must be on the verge of dying out thanks to a conceptual gene pool that makes UKIP policy look broad minded. As a sub-genre within a sub-genre, its sheer… Continue Reading →

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