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Deiquisitor -  Downfall Of The Apostates (Dark Descent)

Deiquisitor – Downfall Of The Apostates (Dark Descent)

I guess death metal comes in all shapes and sizes now, from brutal old school through slamming to whatever technoflash some guitarist has come up with recently. Well Denmark’s Deiquisitor offer a nightmarish black and white cover which hints at old school leanings. The band.. Read More
Road To Jerusalem - ST (ViciSolum)

Road To Jerusalem – ST (ViciSolum)

When you have a group which consists of musicians who have been a part of notable bands in the death metal realms like The Haunted, Scar Symmetry, Soilwork, Hypocrisy, Invocator and Konkhra, you would be forgiven for making the logical assumption that the following project.. Read More
Nortt – Endelight (Avantgarde Music)

Nortt – Endelight (Avantgarde Music)

It seems that this year there has been no shortage of kvlt edge-lords thinking it is clever releasing albums over the festering period. It’s not like most of them will find their way into the few remaining record shops around so guess there’s nothing stopping.. Read More
Tongues - Hreilia (I, Voidhanger Records)

Tongues – Hreilia (I, Voidhanger Records)

Since their first EP offering in 2014, Tongues have kept a low profile. The Danes haven’t been lying idle though. Mixing black, death and doom metal, they have now released their debut full length, “Hreilia”; a dark dreamscape steeped in mysticism and spiritual bleakness. C... Read More
Myrkur – Mareidt (Relapse)

Myrkur – Mareidt (Relapse)

Denmark’s Amalie Bruun returns with her solo project, Myrkur, for the follow-up to 2015’s debut album ‘M’. Sophomore effort, ‘Mareidt’ is a different beast entirely when compared with its predecessor. ‘M’ combined the raw, masculine energy of second-wave black metal, with delicate, ethereal femininity, with.. Read More
Deus Otiosus - Opposer (Great Dane Records)

Deus Otiosus – Opposer (Great Dane Records)

This is their fourth full length release and continuing in a similar vein to the former full length album ‘Rise’ from a few years back, this Danish band have been criminally somewhat under the radar throughout their recording career. Immediately you are greeted with good.. Read More
Pyramaze – Contingent (Inner Wound)

Pyramaze – Contingent (Inner Wound)

I’ve followed Pyramaze since their debut album back in 2004 and I must admit I feared the worst a few years back, but with this album (their second in three years) it looks like they are back to top form and there’s no stopping them.. Read More
Metallica - Royal Arena, Copenhagen - 3/2/17

Metallica – Royal Arena, Copenhagen – 3/2/17

The opening night of any new arena is bound to be a special occasion and the inaugural show will always go down in history. Copenhagen’s Royal Arena marked their arrival on the world stage with a huge statement of intent by booking the biggest metal.. Read More
Iron Fire - Among The Dead (Crime Records)

Iron Fire – Among The Dead (Crime Records)

Still keeping alive the fine tradition of German Power/Heavy Metal are Iron Fire…from Denmark. Well, it’s near enough, and they are no strangers to the scene either, this being their eighth full-length studio album and first for Crime Records. The particular fine tradition of German.. Read More
Serpents Lair – Circvmambulating The Stillborn (Hellthrasher)

Serpents Lair – Circvmambulating The Stillborn (Hellthrasher)

A certain shroud of mystery cloaks this lot. Apparently the band are from Sjælland Denmark but there’s no clue as to who the players are, not even the normal black metal initials for their names. One thing that is crystal clear is that their debut.. Read More
Broken Hand Charity – Gotterdammerung (S/R)

Broken Hand Charity – Gotterdammerung (S/R)

Danish outfit, Broken Hand Charity have been kicking about since 2008 and have always done their own thing their own way. Currently in the middle of recruiting for a drummer and a bassist, the Danish alternative rock outfit have a unique approach, playing tracks which.. Read More