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Trench Warfare – Hatred Prayer (Transcending Obscurity Records)

When the “personal interests” on your Facebook page are listed as “Blasphemy, Perversion, War Themes, Weight Lifting, Conqueror, Mass Alcohol Consumption, Revenge, Angelcorpse, Sarcofago, Old Deicide, Old Morbid Angel, Proclamation, Teitanblood, Bestial Warlust, Deiphago, Diocletian, Old Obituary” you’re gonna somewhat… Continue Reading →

Concrete Winds – Primitive Force (Sepulchral Voice)

There is no denying that Vorum created a foul stench in their brief and vile career but the band have it appears crash and burned. The couple of times I saw them and of course their album Poisoned Void 2103… Continue Reading →

Deiphago – I, The Devil (Hells Headbangers)

Blackened Death Metal, can there be a more pure genre? A marriage of perfect proportions bringing together all that is good from the underground and merging these two scenes in seamless harmony. However I can’t say I’ve always been the… Continue Reading →

Deiphago – Into The Eye Of Satan (Hell’s Headbangers)

They’re manic, satanic and listening could put you in a panic. Yep everyone’s favourite Filipino Antichrist’s are back with their fourth full length album Into The Eye Of Satan. It’s been a few years since Satan Alpha Omega and the… Continue Reading →

Impious Baptism – Wrath Of The Apex Predator (Hell’s Headbangers)

Not had anything from the lovely corner of the pit that is Hell’s Headbangers for a little while so this was welcomed into my abode. This is done by J, one man black metal arsenal from Australia and ex-everyone down… Continue Reading →

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