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Irist – Order Of The Mind (Nuclear Blast)

It’s somewhat unusual in this day and age for a label like Nuclear Blast to take a punt on a new prospect, however, seeing as Monte Connor got it right more often than not during his years with Roadrunner, benefit… Continue Reading →

Dreamarcher – The Bond (Indie)

The first bio/info I saw about Dreamarcher said that they were a “blackened progressive metal gem based in Oslo, Norway.” I am fond of weird combination of words, and “gem” together with what went before it got me intrigued right… Continue Reading →

Shuffle – #WontTheyFade? (Klonosphere)

When you get a press release which states that a progressive metal band has a huge host of diverse influences which contribute to making the band sound unique/individual/unheard of, it is like a red flag; it’s a trope many people… Continue Reading →

Nuisance Of Majority – Savage Ritual (S/R)

Hailing from Kiel in the northern-most reaches of the Schleswig-Holstein state in Germany are Nuisance Of Majority. This band have been kicking around since the early 2000’s and have won praise from many corners, being likened to “A piss-up hosted… Continue Reading →

Beast Modulus – Being (S/R)

I had absolutely no idea what this was going to sound like until I decided to just throw it in the player and find out. Apparently although now based in Brooklyn, Beast Modulus started out in New Orleans as a… Continue Reading →

WeaksaW – The Wretched Of the Earth (Lifeforce)

Formed in Montpellier, France back in 2008 and influenced by bands ranging from Behemoth to The Deftones to Origin to Mogwai(?!), WeaksaW have a very different sound. With a very djent-heavy technical approach to metal, the five piece already have… Continue Reading →

Will Haven – Open The Mind To Discomfort (Artery Recordings)

Californian Sludge-friendly, experimental noise metal outfit Will Haven have been around for coming on 20 years now, but aside from the critically acclaimed “Carpe Diem”, released in 2001 and a few big tours in between spells of breaking up and… Continue Reading →

Wolfborne – In the beginning… (Kavorka)

Hailing from Vancouver, Canada, Wolfborne are a four piece groove-inspired alternative metal band. Taking inspiration from current sounds and old, they’ve got a good overall balance to their sound and are set to release their debut album “In The Beginning…”… Continue Reading →

Memories of a Dead Man – Ashes of Joy (S/R)

Postcore, postrock, postman, postcrete. What is all this post stuff?  It is one genre prefix (should that be post fix?) that I don’t get.   Post Core is how Memories of A Deadman are described .  Not to be confused with Theory… Continue Reading →

Purplehaze Ensemble – S/T (Unquiet)

What’s in a name? Take PurpleHaze Ensemble’s moniker for instance. You’d imagine this Polish quartet to be a Jimi Hendrix covers band who, before each gig, spun a coin to see which band member would get to set fire to… Continue Reading →

Tribazik – Data Warfare (Skyride Records)

I really enjoyed the last album ‘All Blood Is Red’ from Tribazik but understandably had all but forgotten about them seeing as it came out in 2009 and I haven’t really heard anything else about them since then. They are… Continue Reading →

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