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Decrepit Birth – Axis Mundi (Agonia Records)

This is the fourth album release from Californian band Decrepit Birth. With track titles such as “The Sacred Geometry” and “Transcendental Paradox”, I guess this is what they mean by the themes being “esoteric”. It’s death metal so there’s clue… Continue Reading →

Suffocation – …of the dark light (Nuclear Blast)

Suffocation have returned with their 8th full length album, a pummelling beast of a record, which they have executed with precision and technicality, through Nuclear Blast Records. Suffocation first introduced themselves to us in 1991 with their debut “Effigy of… Continue Reading →

Morta Skuld – Wounds Deeper Than Time (Peaceville)

Come backs, eh? It seems to be a bit of a halcyon period for bands which called it a day in the 90’s. Morta Skuld are a death metal band from Wisconsin that were signed to the mighty Peaceville Records… Continue Reading →

Red Dawn – Algorithm of Destruction (Finisterian Dead End)

French tech-death five piece Red Dawn’s debut full length Algorithm of Destruction is a powerful tour de force of an album that all fans of the more complex and heavier side of the metal spectrum are bound to enjoy. Whether… Continue Reading →

Post Mortem – God with Horns (Great Dane)

Experimental death metal is always a risky path for any band to go down. Ultimately only the fans will decide whether throwing some atmospheric, film score-esque segments into an otherwise brutal album will add some depth and variety to it… Continue Reading →

Embrional – Absolutely Anti-Human Behaviours (Old Temple)

The first thing that struck me about this release was the killer artwork, promising no-bullshit, old-school DM with a blackened edge. That’s not the full picture though: Embrional certainly sound like a product of their nativePoland, hammering the listener into… Continue Reading →

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