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Depraved Murder – Manifestation (Comatose)

The Asian world is no stranger to brutality, Vomit Remnants, Butcher ABC, Wormrot, Glossectomy, Gorevent, Blunt Force Trauma the list goes on. Quite frankly if you want big Slams and ferocious speed then look no further. The continent is rife… Continue Reading →

Engulfed – Engulfed In Obscurity (Hellthrasher Productions)

This Turkish death metal band features members of Burial Invocation and Decaying Purity and play a dirty form of death metal akin to Incantation, Funerus and Funebrarum. At times things verge into blackened styles with some of the haunting riffs… Continue Reading →

Engulfed – Through The Eternal Damnation (Hellthrasher Productions)

Death metal is best played straight down the line and things do not get more straightforward than Turkey’s Engulfed. A band of no mean experience and formed by members of Decaying Purity and Burial Invocation, this is their first EP (25 minutes) and its as crushing a… Continue Reading →

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