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Tribulation – Down Below (Century Media)

Maybe it’s a Swedish thing, but Tribulation struck me as a strange bunch when I saw them live. They were energetic, creative and interesting in a darkly melodic and progressive way. I liked their album “Children of the Night” (2015),… Continue Reading →

Gravastar – Genetic Genesis (S/R)

Futuristic New Wave Of Swedish Death Metal on this debut album from Greek band Gravastar is what we are promised here. There are definite industrial tones and spacey feelings straight off as this sets in and prepares to drag us… Continue Reading →

Deathstars – The Perfect Cult (Nuclear Blast)

  After the disappointingly familiar Night Electric Night (2009) the Deathstars took a break to revisit the drawing board and after a five year hiatus present us with their fourth album ‘The Perfect Cult’. After a short eerie build up,… Continue Reading →

Calling Of Lorme – Pygmalion (SR)

Everything about this one looked a little on the strange side but we like it when that happens and we have something to decipher. The artwork hints at some sort of post-apocalyptic future, the band name is frankly odd although… Continue Reading →

Gothminister – Utopia (AFM)

Alcohol can be a terrible thing. It seemed like such a good idea at the time. It was like it was sat there, lonely, on the shelf at Ave Noctum HQ, cold, shivering and unclaimed – The new Gothminister album…. Continue Reading →

Sybreed – God is an Automaton (Listenable Records)

To much fanfare comes “God is an Automaton”. This is Sybreed’s fourth album. With influences such as Fear Factory, Meshuggah, In Flames and Depeche Mode, their brand of music is termed “death wave”, which amounts to a mix of extreme… Continue Reading →

Latexxx Teens – Adrenochrome Redux (Deathwatch Asia)

The fact that site editor Luci and I both got an email with subject header Latexxx Teens and she immediately deleted it and I immediately opened it speaks for itself. It was not grubby spam as I expected but actually… Continue Reading →

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