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Deathspell Omega

Death Fetishist – Clandestine Sacrament (Debemur Morti)

Darkness has become very dark indeed these days. Rarely is that more so than in the work of Ævangelist mastermind Matron Thorn whose black metal has been providing a cutting edge for the scene for some time now – with… Continue Reading →

Mithridatic – Miserable Miracle (Kaotoxin)

I think the word that I may resort to here is ‘chaotic’. Yeah. The debut by French band Mithridatic definitely comes under that. Not that it’s a bad thing, not at all, but it sure makes the reviewers’ lives a… Continue Reading →

Summit – Winds That Forestall Thy Return (I, Voidhanger)

Fans of last year’s impressive and angst-ridden Clearing Path album Watershed Between Earth And Firmament, will be no doubt looking forward to this one. Watershed… was a barrage of black metal-fed emotion and well worth checking out. However, Summit takes… Continue Reading →

Abisso – WRNSS (Third I Rex)

Bold claims and bold associations on behalf of this Sardinian duo courtesy of their label – happily namechecking such luminaries as Deathspell Omega and Lurker of Chalice immediately places expectations on overdrive for an assault of dissonant, atmospheric black metal… Continue Reading →

Blut Aus Nord / Ævangelist – Codex Obscura Nomina (Debemur Morti)

Evanescent Hallucinations, apart from being a great title for a black metal track, also happens to be, in part at least, a pretty good descriptor of Blut Aus Nord’s contribution to this mouth watering split EP. In some ways this… Continue Reading →

Throane – Derrière-Nous, La Lumière (Debemur Morti)

Anyone who picked up Ovtrenoir’s debut EP earlier this year may already have encountered the depths of intensity plumbed by DehnSora. His latest project to emerge, Throane, is even more crushing in many respects and much, much darker. A sonic… Continue Reading →

Mortichnia – Heir To Scoria And Ash (Apocalyptic Witchcraft)

Mortichnia, or ‘death march’ is the chilling term given to the last steps of a creature before it meets its maker (unless, and let’s be honest about this, unless its maker is merely a random and unlikely series of chemical… Continue Reading →

Alkerdeel – Lede (Consouling Sounds)

Belgium is one of those places whose black metal scene is always worth keeping an eye on for some unexpected gems. In the early days they had some pretty solid output from the fathers of their scene Enthroned and Ancient… Continue Reading →

Skáphe – Skáphe² (I Voidhanger)

Neill Jameson isn’t the only member of Krieg causing musical chaos in a host of other acts such as Royal Arch Blaspheme, Lithotome etc. His partner in crime Alex Poole is also busy with and relatively new project Skáphe as… Continue Reading →

Grey Heaven Fall – Black Wisdom (Aesthetics Of Devastation)

This one came out at the tail end of last year and although this Russian based band are completely new to me they have certainly created a lasting impression. There is little in the way of light about this their second… Continue Reading →

Voidcraeft – Ἕβελ (I, Voidhanger)

Did Deathspell Omega realise the festering demon they had spawned all those years ago when they spewed forth Fas – Ite, Maledicti, in Ignem Aeternum? Even now that avant-garde and, if I can use this ugly and inexact sub-genre description,… Continue Reading →

The King is Blind – Our Father (Cacophonous)

Well, that’s a way to kick off the year. This UK five-piece send the traditional post-Yuletide sluggishness screaming to the hills with a bruising yet razor-sharp attack of utterly bludgeoning material. The band often tag their own sound as ‘Monolothic… Continue Reading →

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