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Perversor – Umbravorous (Pulverised)

Either you understand what trve Metal is or not. At least that is what I have come to understand over the years, explaining to people the difference between false and trve can often be painstaking. However at the same time… Continue Reading →

Flight – A Leap Through Matter (High Roller)

Oslo’s Flight, now with a new label, continues with their interpretation of classic 70’s heavy rock. For me there’s a splash of Winterhawk, Ashbury with some progressive elements that figured predominantly in the mid-70’s UK scene. The band has spent… Continue Reading →

Deathhammer- Chained To Hell (Hells Headbangers)

What is Metal? In general that is, no longer can one refer to Black Sabbath as the sound of Metal because there are simply too many offshoots (and being a totally anal loser Black Sabbath are actually Doom Metal). For… Continue Reading →

Black Viper – Hellions of Fire (High Roller)

I first came across Black Viper by random selection on an internet music platform and subsequently bought their ‘Storming with Vengeance’ cassette. Black Viper are Norwegian, from Oslo specifically and bridge the balance between classic heavy and speed metal. Drummer… Continue Reading →

Condor – Unstoppable Power (High Roller)

Originally a black thrash outfit from Norway, when I first saw these guys live at London Live Evil fest they looked very young indeed, maturing in age and musicianship we now have their second full length release ‘Unstoppable Power’. The… Continue Reading →

Armory – World Peace…Cosmic War (High Roller)

Armory are part of the recent collection of new Swedish bands and they are a self-proclaimed Speed Metal band, however I find more straight up Maiden-isms in the majority of tracks than pure speed alone. If you take ‘Cosmic War’… Continue Reading →

Interview – Deathhammer

Deathhammer could have been spawned back in 1985, their fast aggressive version of thrash is a breath of fresh in a sometimes complacent wider appealing thrash genre. What sets these guys apart is their ease of delivery; their music is… Continue Reading →

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