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Obscura, Fallujah, Allegaeon & First Fragment – Manchester, Rebellion Bar 7/2/19

After the brutalising five band tornado that hit the Rebellion Bar the previous night it was the turn of a different touring package to obliterate Manchester, as this four band bill was far more technical oriented than the bludgeoning I… Continue Reading →

Psycroptic, Aversions Crown, Within Destruction, Hadal Maw, Hollow World Manchester – Rebellion Bar 6/2/19

When I saw this five band bill I couldn’t believe the brutality yet variation as four of the bands are from Australia (and came on the back of seeing the Aussie duo Parkway Drive and Thy Art Is Murder the… Continue Reading →

Ichor – Hadal Ascending (Unholy Conspiracy Deathwork)

There is nothing like a little escapism in film or literature, so why should music be any different. I am often met with sniggers or chuckles when I mention Power Metal or the wild worlds of the mighty Bal-Sagoth but… Continue Reading →

Wurm Flesh – Excoriation Evisceration (Comatose)

How much more can I rant on about Brutal Death Metal? Probably a whole lot more, and I won’t stop until all reading this are polishing their Slam hammers and awaiting their first Waking The Cadaver gig. Any how as… Continue Reading →

Impending Doom – The Sin and Doom Vol II (Longbranch)

I did not know anything about this band when I requested to give it a spin. The blurb promised a heady mix of Death metal Grind and Hardcore. My interest was piqued. Now I must say having listened to The… Continue Reading →

Thy Art Is Murder – Dear Desolation (Nuclear Blast)

Of late the major players within the deathcore scene have been branching out somewhat and have been testing the water with more ambitious song writing that has had a mixed reception within the media and from fans alike, with Carnifex,… Continue Reading →

In Reverence – The Selected Breed (Non Serviam)

Death metal seems a very appropriate medium for an album about the different stages of the annihilation of the human race, which is the theme of “The Selected Breed”. At the same time it’s not difficult to work out what… Continue Reading →

Conjonctive – In the Mouth of the Devil (Tenacity Music)

Conjonctive are a “Blackened Deathcore” outfit born in Nyon, Switzerland in 2007. “In the Mouth of the Devil” is their second release.  They feature two singers Sonia and Randy and guitarists and bassists who have all decided that the usual… Continue Reading →

Aversions Crown – Xenocide (Nuclear Blast)

Stand up and be counted. This grinding deathcore blast from Australia’s Aversions Crown comes with regulation brutality. Whispering tones linger behind the sheer violence and power of “Prismatic Abyss”. Pummelling and rapid fire-drums lead the murderous death growls but with… Continue Reading →

Carnifex – Slow Death (Nuclear Blast)

Reading album reviews of the deathcore scene has taken the approach of slating them without justification on both the digital and printed media to the point that it is tedious and serves no purpose to the outlet or the band… Continue Reading →

Despised Icon – Beast (Nuclear Blast)

Back in 2010 Canadian trailblazers Despised Icon called it quits after their final show in Montreal and it was a major blow for fans of the deathcore scene as arguably the band was at the heart of the genres formation… Continue Reading →

Whitechapel – Mark Of The Blade (Metal Blade)

As stated in the album’s promo information this album marks the ten year anniversary of Whitechapel, a band that has doggedly marched forward with each passing album despite the naysayers. Back in the1980s when thrash first appeared that scene too… Continue Reading →

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