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Chronicle – Demonology (Mighty Music)

Chronicle are a young Danish four piece, whose debut album “Primal Fear” appears to have slipped under my radar since its release in 2015. Having now investigated, it seems that I’ve missed out on some technical yet catchy melodic death… Continue Reading →

Deranged – Deeds Of Ruthless Violence (Agonia)

Music is much like a fine wine, the best is often in the vintage. I mean, don’t get me wrong new is good too (I’d be a pretty awful reviewer if I hated anything modern). Yet still it’s often the… Continue Reading →

Wombbath – Choirs Of The Fallen (SoulSeller Records)

Right, no fannying about…. Wombbath are the nuts. What do you need to know? Well, despite having released their first demo in 1992, the band originally only recorded one album the classic  “Internal Caustic Torments” in 1993 before sadly chucking… Continue Reading →

Nerve Saw – Peril (Testimony Records)

For a debut album, Finnish band Nerve Saw (great name), seem to be existing an almost monistic existence from a virtual world perspective with very little in terms of a social media presence. It’s almost as if the band are… Continue Reading →

Thanatos – Violent Death Rituals (Listenable)

In the midst of recent times has there ever been a more apt soundtrack than Death Metal? The whole world appears plunged into perhaps the closest thing to a zombie apocalypse this earth is ever likely to see. Although truth… Continue Reading →

Garden Of Eyes – Fetid.Rotten.Cursed (Necrolatry Records)

Nattsakog never sleeps! Well he claims he does but me, I’m not so sure. Garden Of Eyes is another of his projects besides Sykelig Englen (black metal), Hexavoid (‘dissonant death metal’) and Blasphemous Degradation (bloody noisy war metal). And probably… Continue Reading →

Brain Stem- Symptoms Of Annihilation-Stage 2 (S/R)

Years ago I was dead against downloading music whether legal or illegal and whilst I’ve held fast to my views on illegal downloading I have to say that I’ve become a sucker for the digital download. Especially with sites like… Continue Reading →

Dripback – Blessed With Less Than Nothing (4 Family Records)

I fucking love Dripback, ever since they erupted like a giant zit in the face of the metal fans in 2011 with the infectious as ebola (but half as pleasant) “Inhaling The Ashes” EP, this bunch of North London yobs… Continue Reading →

Ruin Lust – Choir Of Babel (20 Buck Spin)

Being unfamiliar with this US acts previous two albums I decided not to investigate those releases prior to hearing this. With the sophomore being released just over a year ago the band has seen fit to unleash a third album… Continue Reading →

Vulcano – Eye In Hell (Mighty Music)

Brazil is the home of perhaps some of the truest Metal to date. Early Sepultura spearheaded the movement and all around them were the likes of Sarcophago, Krisiun, Mutilator and Holocausto to name but a few. It has been a… Continue Reading →

Horror God – Cursed Seeds (Lavadome)

While this may be the third album by this Russian quartet and their first full length on their current label, it’s the brand of aggressive death metal they deliver that should have had them noticed a lot longer ago. Or… Continue Reading →

Batushka, Malevolent Creation & Konkhra – Manchester Academy 3 5/3/20

Tonight promised to be pulverising, battering and downright brutal as 3 colossal forces were meeting within the cramped confines of the Academy. The pre gig information did however raise some questions, if there are three bands on the bill, why… Continue Reading →

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