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King Dude – Music to Make War To (Ván Records)

Having dealt with the topic of love and all its casualties on 2016’s ‘Sex’, TJ Cowgill tackles the polar opposite on latest album ‘Music to Make War To’. Over the course of seven records King Dude’s sound has shifted and… Continue Reading →

Albez Duz – Wings Of Tzinacan (Listenable Records)

‘Wings Of Tzinacan’ is the third album from Berlin-based occult doom outfit Albez Duz, and the 2nd release to feature vocalist Alfonso Brito. Alfonso is certainly a man of many voices. There’s a kind of gnarly Eddie Vedder/Chris Cornell one,… Continue Reading →

Prag 83 – Metamorphoses (Nordvis)

Without much information forthcoming on mysterious German multi-instrumentalist Herr K., Swedish label Nordvis present ‘Metamorphoses’ from Prag 83, an eight-track album of dark, acoustic folk music. Inspired by the literary works of Franz Kafka, the music here is lilting and… Continue Reading →

Christian Death – Atrocities and The Scriptures (Season Of Mist)

Kind of breaking my own rules here of not covering reissues (too much new music) by download but truth is I have been on a Christian Death-trip lately and wanted to have the excuse to properly listen to an album… Continue Reading →

King Dude – Songs of Flesh and Blood: In the Key of Light (Van)

King Dude has quite a colourful musical history; starting out in metal band before embarking on a solo career that would romanticise everything to do with the devil and all his demons. If we look back over TJ Cowgill’s earlier… Continue Reading →

Sol Invictus – Once Upon A Time (Prophecy)

Once Upon A Time in the deep dark 70’s there was a guy called Tony Wakeford who embarked upon a quest to recount tales of old English eccentricity and legend. He has been doing so ever since and has released… Continue Reading →

Tamerlan – Ain (Debemur Morti)

We normally get windswept black dissonance or strange pulsing ambient blackness via French label Debemur Morti but Tamerlan take us down a completely different acoustic / neo-folk route. This project is essentially the work of multi-instrumentalist Timur Iskandarov a Russian… Continue Reading →

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